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The Guy Who Couldn't Live Without Me Became The Husband Who Threatened To Kill Me

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I met Vimal (name changed) when I was doing my internship in an MNC in Gurgaon. He was a software engineer in the same company. He saw me performing at the company’s annual fest and fell in love with me.

He approached me through mutual friends but I wasn’t ready for a relationship.

I avoided him for the rest of my internship. Almost two years later, he messaged me on Facebook. He said that he was still in love with me and wanted to marry me. I didn’t respond to his message. A few months later, he called me and gradually, we became friends.

I was impressed by his patience and persistence, as he’d waited for me for two years.

I believed that it was true love and I accepted his proposal. When we started dating, there were times when I felt that he was immature. Every day, he would wait for hours outside my office premises. Whenever we had a fight, he would call my friends and cry inconsolably claiming that he would die without me. Though my colleagues warned me that his behavior was not normal, I ignored their warnings.

I dismissed his immaturity as his love for me.

After three years of courtship, our parents met and the wedding was fixed. As soon as I entered my marital home, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law asked me to give them all my jewelry. Vimal also supported them and said that my valuables should remain with his parents, as it would be safe with them.

On the very next day, my mother-in-law demanded the cash that was given to me as sagan by their relatives. When I refused to give the money and the jewelry, my in-laws started taunting me. Though I felt bad, I kept quiet. Soon after, we left for our honeymoon.

I had dreamt of a romantic holiday but my husband made it hell for me.

He started abusing me on the flight because I’d refused to give the gold to his mother. Everybody could see that Vimal was misbehaving with me. I was miserable. I couldn’t stop crying.

When we reached our hotel room, he dragged me by my hair and started hitting me. He snatched my phone and mercilessly beat me up until I started bleeding from my nose. While he was beating me, he kept asking why had I refused to give my gold to his mother. He threatened me with a knife too!

He promised to make my life hell until I met his parents’ demands.

He threatened to leave me within 6 months after burning my face and hands with cigarettes. I was so scared by his behavior. He looked like a crazy man. He refused to bear my expenses even on our honeymoon and I felt completely helpless in that foreign land.

When we returned from the honeymoon is when the actual torture began.

My heart could not give in to their demands because I’d realized that they were very greedy.

I started feeling insecure in my marital home. My husband did not take care of any of my needs. He never gave me any money for household expenses. I was treated worse than a maid. I could not cook anything without my mother-in-law’s approval. I was deprived of food of my choice.

They brazenly stated that if I wished to eat anything of my choice, I would have to buy it from my earnings or ask my parents to bear such expenses.

I was forced to manage all my expenses by myself. Yet, I tried my best to adjust to them. However, Vimal and his parents never treated me like a family member. I was treated like an outsider and taunted every single day.

Despite everything, I kept bearing with them to save my marriage. I hoped that good sense would prevail over them and they would change their behavior towards me.

I believed that I’d be able to win their hearts with my love and care. But that has remained a distant dream.

About two months after the marriage, I went to visit my parents. During this time, Vimal stopped calling me. He stopped answering my calls too. I fell ill when I was in my parents’ house and initially, the cause of fever could not be diagnosed. I messaged him to inform him about my ill health. He didn’t respond to my messages nor did he answer my phone.

On the contrary, Vimal and his parents maligned my image by telling their relatives that I had run away from home!

I was mentally tortured even when I was unwell. They refused to accompany me to the doctor or get any of my medical tests done. My husband appeared only after a month.

At that stage, my parents were not willing to send me back to my husband's house. They called for a meeting with Vimal and his parents. My family was assured that they would not harass or torture me.

Vimal also promised that he would never raise his hand on me.

After they tendered an apology and assured my parents of their good behavior, I went back to their house. Everything went well for a few days. After a while, I discovered that in my absence, my husband and in-laws had stolen the DSLR Camera and I Pad that I had received as a wedding gift.

I had kept them in my cupboard but my in-laws had not provided keys to the cupboard. When I’d asked for keys, my husband questioned my need to lock the cupboard. I didn’t ask anyone about my missing things to avoid another fight.

A few days later, I stumbled upon a fake Facebook created by Vimal where he indulged in vulgar chats with random girls from all over the world. Those girls had shared their nude pictures with him! When I confronted him, he lied that it was his friend's account. When I complained to my in-laws, they blamed me for it.

They said that I spent too much time in my maternal home and my husband had no option but to resort to such things to satisfy his needs.

Vimal started picking fights with me on a daily basis and his parents would support him. According to them, it was their misfortune that they were forced to bear me for a year, after which Vimal would divorce me. 

They had made it clear that they did not want this marriage to continue.

One day, Vimal came back from office and told his parents and me that he was going on an official trip to Solan. I did not believe him, so I decided to check his phone. While going through his search history, I found that he was looking for massage parlors in Manali.

After inquiring with his colleagues, I learned that Vimal was going to Manali with one of his colleagues to have fun. When I confronted him, he became violent and beat me black and blue.

His parents witnessed my abuse yet his father said that I should let him go wherever he wants, be it a massage parlor or any other place.

When I tried to call the police, my father-in-law took away my phone. I was completely shattered. I was desperate to find a solution and discussed everything with Vimal's friend. He also advised me to hand over everything to my in-laws in order to save my marriage. I realized that it was better to surrender to their demands.

In the hope of making peace with them, I gave all my jewelry to my mother-in-law.

But my misery didn’t seem to end. My father suffered a massive heart attack and had to be implanted with 3 stents in his arteries. He lost his job because of his condition. My only brother who is a cancer survivor was still pursuing his studies and my mother was a housewife and had no earnings.

My family’s financial condition had become very bad, so I decided to help my brother in setting up a small business. When my husband learned about it, he forbade me from going to my parental home.

He threatened to divorce me if I visited my parents or offered any financial help to my brother.

Helpless, I broke down. Vimal and his parents went to the other room and had a hushed discussion. They returned and said that I could go to my parents’ house for 10-15 days. Vimal dropped me to their house and left. Thereafter, he didn’t contact me. I called my mother-in-law to ask her when I should return and her reply was, “You don’t need to come back as your parents are your priority, not us.”

I was speechless. A few days later, I got to know that my sister in law’s son was ill. I could not stop myself from going to visit the child. I purchased a toy for him and went to my in-law’s house where my sister-in-law was spending her son’s summer vacation.

My in-laws turned me out of the house under the pretext of our bathroom being renovated.

They asked me to return after the renovation. That was the last time I went to my marital house. Whenever I called Vimal, he would give excuses for not calling me home. Then one day, he asked me to meet him at a hotel.

When I met him, he said that he wanted to get a divorce. I asked him for the reason but he had none. He did not even allow me to take my belongings from his house.

I couldn’t believe that this was the same guy who would cry in front of my friends and say that he couldn’t live without me.

My in-laws and my husband took me for granted. But I will make them realize that my life is not cheap. Now, I have decided to take action against them.

They will have to pay the price for ruining my life.

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