I Begged My Father-In-Law To Take Him To Another Doctor

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 12 September, 2017

It’s been 2 years to our wedding and my husband and I are very much in love with each other. Yes, like all other socially, legally and religiously wedded couples, we too have our share of fights. But we make sure that they do not continue till the next morning.

One fine day, my fit as a fiddle husband suddenly fell ill. By evening, his condition started deteriorating. The fever had not come down for 6 continuous hours. I requested my mom-in-law to allow me to take him to a doctor. But she started scolding me. I asked my husband to get up. But he was afraid to go without taking his father’s permission and he was not at home.

I went to the doctor by myself to ask for some medication. But the medication didn’t work. I cried, shouted and then called my parents and asked them to help me out. But we live in an Indian society where the norm is, “Beti ke sasural mei dakhal nai dena!”

I begged my father-in-law to take him to some other doctor, in vain.

By 8.30, he could not get up from the bed and an hour later, he fell down unconscious. He was immediately taken to the hospital and admitted there. I was completely traumatized. The sight of my love falling down unconscious kept haunting me continuously. I also regretted the fact that I could not get him the correct medication in time.  I knew we could have averted all this.

Somehow I maintained my composure during this situation. I was beside my husband all the time. I had left my baby at my mom’s place. Only when I went back to my parents’ place to see my baby did I realize what my father-in-law had done.

He had the habit of shifting the blame onto others. The same thing happened with me as well. He told my father that I pressurize my husband so he lives under enormous tension. He said that I always take him out for dinner and it was because of this that he had fallen sick.

He did not even stop to think that his son had always followed a routine of going out every Saturday and Sunday even before we got married. We went out during the weekends because we both enjoyed it.

I was devastated when I heard of this. I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t eat or drink anything and couldn’t sleep for nights. My husband was on a hospital bed and my father-in-law was speaking such things about me.

I wonder why he didn’t realize that it was because of him and not me that his son was hospitalized. Had he taken him to the doctor well in time, his fever would have remained in control. My baby and I would not have had to stay away from him for 5 long days.

I know he loves his son. But I do not love him any less. May be I even love him more than them. After all that has happened, I am sorry to say that I will never be able to see my father-in-law with respect let alone love.

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Author's Note:

I’m so shattered with all the incidents that have happened that I don’t even feel like stepping into my in-laws' house. But I will go there only for my husband and his happiness and I shall fulfill my responsibilities.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because many a times, like this young woman, we get to see the true nature of people during a crisis but we also learn many things which are worth our while.