She Was Married And Was Dating Me But She Wanted More

Mathew Panicker Mathew Panicker in Single Women Bad Women on 12 September, 2017

One thing I have learnt about love is that it can happen to anyone but always with the wrong one. I am Mathew Panicker, working at Lilavati hospital. I was good at my work.

She, the love of my life, also used to work here.

Earlier we were just hi-bye friends. Then I asked her for her number, she gave it. Chats turned into calls, calls became long night conversation and it was going great. She was a Gujarati girl and I am a Christian. Her family was strict and mine was very cool.

My family approved of our relationship. We roamed around, she shopped with my money, my savings, I was happy seeing her happy.

We went to resorts, and there we'd spend the whole day without having sex. She wasn't ready and I was okay with it. I used to pay for everything. At first it was my savings and afterwards I used to borrow from my colleagues, from my friends. I did all this because I wanted to see her happy.

One fine day her job was gone without any prior notice. I consoled her, and soon after I found her a job with Reliance hospital with a good salary. It was far away but that didn't matter. I used to travel daily to my work and then I'd pick her up after work and drop her also. I used to get exhausted by the end of it all but seeing her smile, in all my tiredness, I'd feel the satisfaction.

She soon got married to a Gujarati guy, who was well-settled. We still kept dating each other. But at her new work place, she met a guy called Bhushan. He was her senior, also married. I also got married soon after but our relationship was alive. Bhushan started showing extra love and care towards her. He used to bring her home and used to do things that girls would easily fall for.


She dated this guy for 3 months behind my back. I started realizing something was wrong, she used to say it was just family problems. The frequency of her messages and calls reduced dramatically. The spark in our relationship had disappeared.

She was married, she had a relationship with me and Bhushan. She was indeed a girl with many preferences.