She Was Being Harassed Right In Front Of Me And I Failed To Help Her

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 1 September, 2017

I'm from Bangalore and I live in Chennai. I love this city and its people. But today, I encountered something that was horrifying and made me feel helpless. I'm a "man" and I still couldn't do anything.

I had some work at the GST Bhavan in Nungambakkam. When I finished my work, I caught a bus to go back to office. Close to the bus stop is a famous women's college. A few women, who were all about 20 years old boarded the jam packed bus along with me.

There was a well-dressed girl who got in and a guy went and stood behind her. They were right in front me. The guy stood so close to her that he was touching his body with hers. She knew what was happening but she was helpless because she couldn't move.

What happened next was even more terrible- the guy put his hands inside his pants and started stimulating himself! At that moment, a thousand thoughts ran in my mind. I didn't know what to do to help her. I didn't know how she would react if I alerted her. Did women want to hear such things in public?

I desperately wanted to yell at the man but I don't know Tamil and I didn't want to be targeted for picking a fight with him. I didn't know how to get my point across.

I somehow managed to catch his attention, and I stared at him threateningly. He realized that I might do something and got off in the very next stop. How many more women had gotten on the same bus with this guy and faced this harassing situation? I don't know.

This world is for women also, and I really wish they would or they could stand up for themselves. We are all equal, and made of the same clay. I want to see women rise up and spare no man who does them harm.

And as for men- how can you stoop so low? And as for the people who victim-blame women- she wasn't dressed inappropriately! She was in a chudidar! Do you want to wait until this happens to your loved one?
Author's Note:

A women isn't a sex object. When will this harassment stop from men? Quit giving excuses for the mistakes you commit on women. When will you people learn? I hope you do, before it's too late.

Editor's Note:

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