She Thought She Was Marrying For Love, But It's Where All Her Dreams Went To Die

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 20 August, 2018

Wings become un-wings. This is the story of that girl who wanted to fly high; who could fly high but eventually, her wings got detached from her by her own decision. She was a lovable person by nature but sometimes the situation would get her angry and that made her hate herself.

She could do anything for her love and family but in the end, she wanted to be loved too.

Everyone appreciated her except for the person she loved. Every day, she only thought about how to get that person to love her. And because of that, she started losing a piece of herself day by day. She lost her dignity. And she got married.


Before her marriage, she used to go to the gym, dance and had a job as well. She never took a single penny from her home for the expenses after the job. She would fulfil her family needs as well. She always thought that even after marriage she would continue to help her parents in every sense like a son. And for this to happen, she needed someone who would understand her and encourage her to do the same.

But then everything changed into just a dream and got far away from reality.

And she was to be blamed entirely. The decision she made, took her away from her family. She was taken far away from her family. Even though she thought she was doing love marriage and she would be able to do anything she wanted with her love power. But she was so wrong.

In a marriage, a girl is supposed to be a housewife first who can cook, wash clothes, and see to all the family desires.

What was her mistake? Was it that she married far away from her own family or for being in love madly? A person should understand that if she could fight to marry him, leave her parents for you, and look after your family and needs, why couldn’t the person see that she was a human being too? She needed her share of rest, peace of mind and someone who motivated her in every way and step of her life.

She faced so many problems in her marriage that it made her question the meaning of the existence of her life.

The person she married was totally different that she had thought him to be. But she was still fighting for her marriage. She always did what made him happy, what he liked. She controlled her anger every time.

But now, she has only one question in life and that is, “Why my wings became un-wings? And why me?”

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