She Didn't Commit Suicide Because Of The Rape. The People Who Pointed Fingers Did It.

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 31 March, 2018

"She was raped," said one to the rest.

"Yaa, I know. She was wearing such a short dress that day and was walking all alone that too during the night, what else can we expect?”

"She is such a whore," interrupted someone among the backbenchers.

"It's the fault of the parents. Don't blame the girl. They are the ones who failed to give proper moral values and teach her how a girl should behave," remarked the principal.

"Is she going to keep the child and give birth to it?" was the question that all the teachers were concerned about.

She was hearing it all around her, but couldn't stand up and fight for herself.

How could she? How could a 16 years old girl who was raped and got pregnant, and was cursed by her own family, have the courage to stand up and fight for herself? No one understood her pain and agony.

All the way to her home, she heard people whispering, "She has brought such a dishonour to her family."

"Girls of the present so-called civilised world of globalisation should have knowledge of what to wear and should not leave their home after 6 pm alone.”

She reached her home and her elder brother opened the door. There had been a time when seeing his little sister would bring a wide smile on his face, but now the same brother was feeling disgusted to see her.

"Now why are you crying? Aren't you satisfied with all the dishonour you have brought to our family? What do you want more?" yelled the superhero daddy.

The same father whose daughter was the apple of his eyes and couldn’t stand a single tear on her face was cursing her now. He used to lovingly call her ‘ladli’ and now regretted her presence around him.

The mother who gave birth to her, now exclaimed, "Why are you still alive? What did we do wrong that we gave a birth to a girl like you?"

Locking herself up in a room, she replayed all the wonderful moments of her life. She cherished every single incident she remembered. She missed those loving friends, supportive parents, caring brother and that society which was once proud of her.

She cursed herself for letting so many people down.

She found no purpose to live now, the only thing that was stopping her from taking such a step was, "How can I kill my child? What's the mistake of that unborn innocent soul?”

Thinking all these, she gave up the idea of ending up her life. But again came the flood of questions, "Who will support us? Who will accept the child? I’m still a kid, how will I manage it?"

Lost in her world of unending questions, she thanked every single person and asked to be forgiven for a crime she didn't commit. And at last, she hanged herself and got freed from all the worldly ties.

There stood a brother holding his sister's doll asking her to come back so that they could play together.

There sat a mother near the lifeless body asking God to send her daughter back.

There cried a father in a corner, for now, his angel had deserted his arms.

"We could have supported her, why did she end up her life? Why didn't she fight for her justice?" asked the innocence, impulsive society.

"Because of a bastard who didn't know his limits we lost such a wonderful soul," again remarked the principal.

"She was so beautiful, she was an amazing person, we were so proud of her," all the teachers and students now had to say.


Amidst all, an unknown lover cried harshly for the loss of his beloved. He took an oath that day that he won't give up until his beloved got justice.

Watching all of it, IRONY laughed from a distance.

"The power of regret is bigger than the power of acceptance," irony sighed!

Editor's Note:

Why do people rape? Why do they feel the need to do so? Share this story, because this needs to stop here and we need to start changing our perspective towards the victim. They need our love and support more than ever.