She Dated Me To Sleep With Me And Then Broke Up Because I Made Her Wait

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 17 June, 2017

I met this girl when I was working at a company. We never interacted much while in office but once I quit the job, she came into my life again to ruin everything.  

She found my phone number from somewhere and started texting me. In a few days, we became good friends. And then one day, she started sexting. I tried to tell her that she should stay within her limits but she didn’t listen, she spoke with me the same way again.

This time, I clearly told her not to cross the line. I explained how we should not talk that way because we weren’t in a committed relationship. She suddenly proposed to me. I told her that for me, this meant a lifetime of commitment and not just a random fling and she said she felt the same.

After that day, we came closer to each other and shared every little thing with one another. This went on for three months and I started falling for her.

She always wanted to meet me but I was too busy with the job so ignored her wishes. Then one day she randomly told me that we should remain as friends as she belonged to a different religion and a future was impossible.

I tried every little thing to convince her that she should stay but she was adamant and threatened to commit suicide if I insisted. It was then that I decided to stop convincing her.

I was in shock. She had enjoyed every single moment of phone sex with me; I had now crossed the line only because she had decided to commit. And she just backed out?


She changed her number and we couldn’t even stay in touch anymore. I later found out that that every night, post 10:30 pm, she would chat with other boys while watching porn.

I hate her; she made me an anti-feminist forever. I also wrote a letter to her family telling them everything, I hope she has learnt her lesson.

I don't trust girls anymore; I know that all girls aren’t the same but she destroyed my definition of love.