Punishing Me For Having A Boyfriend Is The Best Thing My Parents Did

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It was my first relationship and it went on for four years. I was studying in a higher secondary school at that time. I was quite a tomboy and never thought of things like falling in love. It was at this time that I met a guy in my class whose girlfriend had ditched him. He still wanted to get back with her. The girl was from our class and after fighting several times, they decided to break up. My friends and I tried to make them patch up but in vain. 

In the meantime, my friends noticed that this guy was trying to become close to me.He tried to flirt with me while talking to me and supported me when my friends bullied me. I never bothered to even think of it. Gradually, we started texting each other. One day, he messaged me saying that he loved me.

And yes, I too thought that he was the right guy for me because he pampered me a lot and like all other girls I loved it when he did such things.

So we got into a relationship. He was my first love. He told me not to tell anyone about our relationship. He was very angry with me when I did this.

After two months, my parents found out that I was always texting to a guy. So they took away my phone.

We could now only meet and talk in school or from my friend’s phone because I had no other means of talking to him. A few months later, we had our board exams.

A week before the board exams, he broke up with me saying that he wanted to go abroad because he had got a scholarship.

I wondered how he had managed to get a scholarship because I knew he was very weak in studies. He said he planned to marry a girl and settle down there itself. I was completely broken and could not concentrate on my studies. Luckily, when the results were declared, I had secured 93% and he had got only 41%!

Two months later, he messaged me again and said that he wanted to get back with me. I couldn’t forget him so I accepted his apology and decided to forgive him. Our relationship would continue for 2 months and then he would break up with me after this. He would always give trivial reasons for breaking up with me.

And he would get back to me again after 2 months. While patching up, he would always swear to me saying that he would never leave me. And like a fool, I would always accept it. This trend continued for three and a half years. Whenever he wanted to patch up with me he would message our mutual friend and tell her that he wanted to get back with me. This time I thought that I would give him one last chance. He swore in the name of his father that he would never ever leave me. This time our relationship went on for five months.

As usual, we would meet and become intimate. He asked me to have sex with him but I just denied it saying that we would reserve it for our first night.
One day, my mom found out about our chat. She took away my phone and informed my dad about it.

Things were completely messed up now. My mom informed his mother too. Both sets of parents told us not to talk to each other. Basically, I was under house arrest after this. We now had study holidays for our university exams. One day, I got a call on my landline. When I picked up the call I realized it was him. I told him that my parents have told me to focus on my studies because I was a bright student. I then told him that they wanted me to get into a good profession after which they would choose a guy for me. He begged me to get back with him by saying that after a few years, my parents would accept him and then we could get married.

I accepted him this time as well.

He would drop me to the centre where I had my university exams every day. After the exams got over, I couldn’t talk with him because my parents had two weeks of Diwali holidays. After the Diwali holidays were over, I got back my mobile and the first thing that I did was message him. He saw the message but did not reply to it. I was worried so I asked our mutual friend about him. She talked to him and sent me the screenshots of their chats in which he claimed that he was under surveillance and his parents wanted to see whether he messaged me back or not.

I told him that he could have messaged me using the hidden mode on Hike messenger. I was sure that most parents did not know about this feature. He was firm in his denial this time and refused to talk to me. In the screenshot, he had written that he would meet me occasionally. Both of us had enrolled for our MBA entrance exams so he said he would talk to me after we appeared for it a week later.

I realized that he was playing the fool with me as usual. So this time, I blocked him from everywhere.

I followed him on Instagram using a fake name. He still doesn’t know about it. I saw a picture of him with a girl and he was enjoying himself with her. A week later, we met before the entrance exam. He came up and talked to me.

I insulted him in the best way I could. I did not even look at him when he came close to me to talk with me. He went back to his seat.

He kept looking at me while writing the exam but I never even looked at him. He finished his paper quickly and left the examination hall because he realized that I wouldn't play along with him this time. After that, I never met him.

Next day, he officially posted pictures with his new girlfriend on social media and stated that he was in a relationship with her. He had uploaded the same girl’s photo on Instagram earlier. The caption was ‘Love forever!’

He had been hesitant to post our pictures on social media from the very beginning. He had assumed that he could handle both relationships at the same time but he had failed.

I am happy with my life now. My parents are still scared that I might fall prey to some other guy now. They keep checking my chats even today. So I have blocked all guys who message me frequently or try to flirt with me.

I am 21 now and am doing 2 professional courses. I want to pursue my dream of settling down abroad. My parents are against a love marriage. I too am scared that I might end up choosing a guy like him. So I am just concentrating on my career right now. I am sure that at the right time, my parents will find a good guy for me or one will approach me.

Author's Note:

People facing such incidents shouldn’t break down. It is better to ditch such people as early as possible even if your heart doesn’t permit you to do this. Your family members alone should be the most important people in your life. And yes, believe in KARMA. Don’t take revenge. Just sit back and wait. Because those who hurt you will eventually sc*** themselves and if you are lucky, God will let you watch when this happens.

Editor's Note:

Perhaps teenage and adolescence are the phases when youngsters are naïve and gullible. They yearn to create an identity of their own and love all the attention that they get. Parents do their best to keep them grounded because they want to protect them at this age. Let’s share this young girl’s story and hope that all youngsters learn to listen to the advice given by their well-meaning parents.