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My Tinder Experiment Made Me Realize That Fantasies Can Never Turn Into Reality

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The worst mistake of my life was when I fell in love with my Tinder date. I am in a relationship for the past 7 years, but quite a few equations have changed between us. Life just became complicated, or maybe I made it complicated. We were going through a terrible phase in our relationship, that is when we took a break for some time. I was missing all the quality time that we used to spend together. I was craving it for a while.

He got too busy, I stopped trusting him because along the way I kept hearing rumors of him sleeping with other women. We lost the emotional and physical intimacy we had between us.

During the bad phase of my relationship, I got in touch with a guy on Tinder. I had a revenge mode going on in my head. I was thinking that if my boyfriend can have fun with other girls then why should I stop myself and not explore my sexual life? I have been loyal to him for the past 7 years, but something made me break this cycle and I met the man of my dreams via Tinder. The first time I met my date, we instantly clicked and the sex between us was magical, there was a chemistry that I had never experienced before. In fact, I even enjoyed talking to him a lot, overall I loved his company.

Initially, I thought that I could do this thing, it's just physical. This was my biggest mistake.

I would message my Tinder date every day like a fool as I never got any importance from my boyfriend. My date and I met again, had a good time and then again ended it in a very interesting conversation about life. I got emotionally attached like a fool to my Tinder date. This went on for a month, in fact, I realized my Tinder date was suddenly busier than my boyfriend. One day I was feeling very down, and I poured out my overwhelming emotions about my relationship to my Tinder date, well this just turned him off I guess. The next morning I found out that my Tinder date had blocked me, I felt very foolish. Had I fallen in love with a guy after just meeting him twice? I realized I cannot continue with so much distraction in my life. What was I doing? I took a risk, fell in love with my tinder date, cheated on my boyfriend and you know who was at loss? Me.

My boyfriend is super weird, but I realized maybe I actually didn't feel the way I thought I felt with my Tinder date, because every new thing feels good and special.

This incident made me realize, fantasies are different than real life for sure. One should never forget the important people in their lives. These 7 years have had several ups and downs, but it's only us who can enhance each other’s lives. I am thankful for my ex-Tinder date for making me fall in love with my boyfriend again and most importantly, he made me fall in love with myself more than anything or anyone else.

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