My Spineless Boyfriend Married A Rich Girl Of His Mother's Choice After Dating Me For 3 Years

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 1 July, 2017

It is rightly said that, "Sometimes we really don't understand people even after knowing them for years."

I knew A from the time we were 16 years old. He was my classmate but we never spoke with each other during that time. We actually came in contact only three years later when we had started staying in different cities.

The guy who never spoke to me suddenly sent me a friend request on Facebook. I was at first surprised and in a dilemma whether to accept the request or not. But, finally, I thought to myself that it won't cause any harm if I accepted his request and hence, I did so.


On the second day, I received a message from him and I replied. We spoke casually asking each other about our know-hows and later, exchanged numbers. Then gradually the Facebook chatting shifted to phone calls and SMS (as Whatsapp was yet to be invented).

We became really good friends and started sharing each and everything about our lives with each other.

This continued till mid-2012. Later, we gradually started to realise the bonding between us and fell in love without actually understanding the meaning of it. I realized it only when my best friend made me realize it and him, when his cousin made him realise it. It was a late realization for both of us that we were actually in love. 

Unlike any other couple, neither of us proposed to each other. Instead, we sat and talked about what we feel for each other. We were still in the initial phases and everything was rosy until I started getting the profiles from my parents and relatives for my marriage. One alliance was almost fixed and that made A very insecure. He felt that I would just say 'Yes' to it and leave him. So he came to meet me to ensure that he was there for me and I should not think about anyone else but him

I was so convinced that he will stay with me for life after that; even my siblings felt that he was the most suitable guy for me.

Even in our individual friend circles, we had become the ideal couple for everyone. He was an utterly perfect guy for me because he was caring, loving and the way he quit his bad habits for me (he was an alcoholic when we first started talking), the Saturday-night phone calls, and everything else assured me that he was there to stay. 

Then came an alliance for him, from his uncle's RICH friend who was interested in getting their daughter married off to A. His mother was interested too. Looking at the turn of events, he decided to tell his mother about me.

But instead of understanding the situation his mother started creating misunderstandings between us

Further, she called me and humiliated me in a way that I can never forget in my life. She claimed that it was me who spoiled her son. He too, not understanding the true colours of his mother, started to fight with me. He also went to an extent of saying that he not only met that girl, but also got engaged to her. And here I was waiting for this spineless man.

On one Saturday he, as usual, called me and started praising that girl (and her riches) and comparing her with me. As if this wasn't enough, his aunt called me one day and started accusing me of breaking his bond with that girl. I was like ‘Am I breaking her bond with him or did she break ours?’ 

Suddenly A realizes that he has made a mistake and wants to run away with me to get married. I was so hurt with his behaviour that I could never come to terms with this. Finally, as nothing was left to say, I decided to cut off all ties with him.

I can never forget the humiliation I received for loving him. He is now married to that girl and I am living my life with all the grudge in my heart. He rejected me for the rich girl and I, on my part, understood one thing that money is bigger than love.


From that day on, I have decided for myself that I will marry only when I earn all the money and am not dependent upon any man for my needs. In fact, since he is gone, that has been my only motive and fortunately, I have been moving towards my goal slowly but steadily. 

I have taken it in my stride that I will achieve what I want and that would be my REVENGE.