My Mother-In-Law Made Me One False Promise That Took My Life From Bad To Worse.

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I was born in a middle-class family. I am the eldest sibling and have a younger brother. Being the daughter of the family, I was given everything I wanted to have. Our relatives and friends never used to give much importance to us. I am not sure why, I still think it was because of the money. My mother was an angel who loved us both, and made sacrifices that we don't even know the full extent of. As a girl, she was my best friend. She used to share everything with me and used to protect me from every possible danger, whereas my father was working in Kuwait. He was the kind of person whom everyone took advantage of. He was so kind that he didn't understand their manipulations, and continued helping his friends and family.

One day he lost his job because his friends sabotaged him, and returned to India. Those days, we had some bad financial problems and our relatives used to humiliate us. But because of my mother, we were always happy. Although she suffered, she never let us see it. Then suddenly, she developed some unusual skin rashes and blisters on her tongue. My relatives unhelpfully said we should admit her in a government hospital. She passed away in the hospital itself, as she was suffering from a disease called Pimphus Vulgaris.  

I had completed my graduation by then and my brother was in his 12th grade. I missed my mother very much every day, and then after 2 years even my father passed away due to a heart stroke. My brother and I had to face the world all alone. My maternal uncle had married my father's sister, and both of them forced us to live with them.  We began living with them and even paid them rent.

My brother and I used to save money. We stood on our feet and supported each other through everything. He became my world. We used to fight sometimes, but he and I loved each other a lot. 

Eventually, my relatives started bringing me marriage alliances. One day we met a family that didn't demand any dowry, so at last I thought I had found someone to marry. It seemed like my brother and I had found a family for ourselves. My fiancee promised that he wouldn't change and my mother-in-law said that she would be my mother, actually. I finally got married. 

My husband is the only son in a well-off family. After my marriage, my mother-in-law gradually became more dominating. Just after a month or so, my husband and I had gone out and we returned a little late. My mother-in-law showed her true colours the following day and abused us horribly. Unable to listen to her, my husband went out and I was stuck there, listening to her. 

Unfortunately, just 5 days after that, I fell and fractured my left leg. There was nobody on my side of the family to care for me, so she took care of me very well and nursed me back to health. She wasn't even ready to let my brother come near me and abused him when he came to visit. I felt very bad that day. Slowly, she started showing hatred towards my brother, and I could not meet him even after I recovered. My husband had once said that his mother dragged every small thing out-of-proportion and spoil everyone's mood, and he had said that we should live separately. So I asked him about that.  


With great difficulty and with the help of my father-in-law, we separated. My mother-in-law cursed me endlessly for separating her only son from her. She even stopped talking to us. But we were happy to finally live separately, and for me, those days were paradise. As time went by, she started talking to us again. She used to bring us gifts, and sometimes used to ask us to stay back at her place. We used to stay for a couple of days to keep her happy. 

All of a sudden, mother and son were talking happily again, sometimes even for long hours into the night. I used to be asleep while my husband was in the other room, talking to my mother-in-law all night. I would feel bad but I said nothing.

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary as per my mother-in-law's desire. And then the abuses started again. Apparently, every girl who got married after me was in the family way and she was utterly outraged that I was still not pregnant. Even in family functions, everybody used to ask me the same thing. If I was hurt by the way I was interrogated, I was more hurt by the way my mother-in-law stabbed words at me. One day, she put every ounce of pressure to force us to stay with her again. It didn't help that I had become weak as well.

Now, I'm 4 months pregnant. If there's something I want, I won't get it. However, I get ample amounts of neglect. She ignores me all the time.

There are some smells that I can't handle, but I have to suffer through them. She won't understand my wishes. She said she would be a mother to me, but she won't fulfil my cravings, no matter how big or small.

I really crave for my mother's love today. I wish she was here. Mom, I miss you, and I want you most of all the people in my life. 
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