My Mother Came To Take Me From This Hell But He Threated To Kill Me If I Left

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 28 January, 2018

I'm a 21-year-old woman. My life has always been unfaithful to me.

I was always neglected by my parents, not being loved and pampered. But I then realized I was wrong when I met Vijay.

It all started just one day before my 16th birthday. I met him online. We used to talk every day for hours until one day he asked if I would marry him, and I said yes.


We never met each other in person, so we then decided to meet each other. On the day of the meeting, I was so excited not knowing that my life was about to change completely.

As we saw each other for the first, time we spent some time together. When it was time to leave, he didn't want me to go nor did I want to leave him. We then came to a decision that we should start living together.

So that very day, I went home with him. I met his family. They were pleased and they accepted me as their daughter-in-law. Things were going just great between us until I found out that he was using drugs.

I was in tears but I forgave him for the sake of the love I had for him, but he turned worse. He started having affairs with a lot of women. They would come home and sleep with him in front of me but I always forgave him because I was crazy in love.


One day, I couldn't take it anymore and I complained to him and he then start abusing me. From then it was something that he would do every day without a reason. He says it gives him pleasure to see me in pain and that's his way of loving me. He used to tie me up and rape me, kick me like a man.

I grew accustomed to it. I suffered for two years because I didn't want to leave him, nor did I have a place to go to.

I thought my parents wouldn't want me back but I was wrong. When my mom found out, she came for me and he threatened to kill me if I left but I realised that I wasn't living all the time- I was like a corpse.

I walked out on him when least he expected it. I just want to let you young girls out there know that love is love until it's true but parents are your parents till the end of life.

Life must be lived no matter how hard it gets. Life goes on but don't give up on it even if you think you've tried enough.
Editor's Note:

Share this story because it's shocking how little we educate our young women and let the men go without punishment.