My Life Is Nothing Like How I Wanted It To Be But I Refuse To Be A Cry Baby

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 20 July, 2017

Like many other nights, last night too I woke up in the middle of the night and then my mind started digging its claws in the past. I started thinking how different is my present as compared to the future I dreamt of in the past. I dreamt of having a good government job, getting married with the love of my life, having my own home. A perfect life altogether if I sum it up. But it’s entirely different in the present.

I have a mediocre private job, not married and of course the man I loved is gone. I don't own anything except the cell phone that I have.

But does that mean I am broke or a failure? I don't think so. We may dream of millions of things in life but it’s very different than what we are destined for. No one can fight against their destiny. Trust me, no one can. You can temporarily delay it but cannot stop it. I also tried to hold on to the things that were so precious to me but no matter how desperately I tried, I lost because they were not in my destiny.

Now, no matter how much I struggle, I am not desperate and I am not grieving about it. I have accepted it as my destiny. I try every moment of the day to make it better. You know it’s all about perception.

How you perceive your present and then how you react to life. Either you can be a cry baby about it or accept it. Work on it and then do your best to change it.

You will get closer to your dreams. Don't run behind the things or people who are not meant to be yours. What is yours will surely come to you. Be happy about life because its precious and you have got only one. So instead of contemplating about it, bring out the best of you from it.

Gradually, you will understand that only three things can change your life: work, worship and wisdom.


Do your work with integrity and be honest with your profession. Worship the almighty because our prayers can do wonders. Wisdom comes with experience and always understand the lessons it leaves. Happiness is a very personal pursuit. You can not define it or measure it. You may think that I’m broke or a failure. But I may still be happy about it and might hold a different perception about my life. Not everyone is destined for a life. Nobody is perfect except God!

So it’s better to live with flaws, broken dreams and imperfect present. That makes us who we are. Only then can we decide our course of actions for our future.

Whatever my dreams had been for my present, I know I am nowhere close to it. But I am neither sad nor complaining about it. I am not happy either. But I am at peace with it. It has been my journey, my struggles, my failures and my success. I am proud of it. Now I know what my real goals are.

I know the people and the path that would help me in achieving it. I know my flaws and my imperfections.

To conclude, I would like to quote one of my favorite writers, Jane Austen from her book ‘Emma’ ~ "Perhaps it’s our imperfection that makes us so perfect for each other."