My Husband Really Showed Me That Pregnancy Isn't All The Wife's Job

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 26 May, 2018

“I am always there for you!” My husband whispered in my ears and held me tight. I started recollecting every single day of the past month. It was a month in which I was struggling and fighting my illness. Intestine - a word which I have been hearing almost multiple times a day or so and my phone dictionary, also had registered and tagged it as a frequent word used. A weird feeling broke me both physically and mentally.

A confident girl suddenly turned into an emotionally weak and angry girl who was always eager to know what went wrong.

Something terrible is what I was going through. Every morning I would wake up with the hope that today I would not show any symptoms of illness. The desire never turned out to be practical though. Seeing my parents worry was another icing on my agony. Ouch. A steep pain popped up in my tummy below my left rib. All I had to do is bear it. Eyes turning moist, shivering, unbearable pain and fever were becoming a regular thing. Reaching office at 9:30 am was replaced by reaching diagnostic centre for the blood test at 9:30 am. In spite of having medical help in the family and surroundings, the cause was not identified, and I had to wait and bear the damn pain! Self house arrest is what I did to myself. Starry eyes and comments would kill me and make me weaker.

Constant support from family and hubby allowed me to maintain the hope of living my old life.

Going to doctors and asking questions was getting regular, going through tests was normal until I went through CT abdomen. I was asked to go through the scanner, I quickly shut my eyes, in those fraction of minutes I realised something, all I saw was my parents and my wedding day. Tears started rolling down the minute I saw the scene. I immediately opened my eyes, and the nurse came running to the room thinking something went wrong, and I couldn't explain what happened in those fraction of minutes. In spite of being knocked out due to anaesthesia, I fumbled words to my hubby, “I don't know what happened all I know is I love you, and I am just yours. I promise I didn't do anything.” Hearing this my husband just replied, I love you too, which kept ringing my ears. Finally, it was diagnosed, and I was asked to shoot all my questions. The first question which I asked every doc was, is it contagious? I was worried if my husband would be safe from this. And the answer with a firm no relieved me. I ended the conversation by asking the doctor “why me, I never did anything wrong?”

He smiled and said that it was written in my fate.

A smile on my hubby's face is what keeps me going on. A man whom I know since almost a decade was ready to do anything and everything but just didn't want me to go through the damn pain again. A man who vowed to be with me at every point of life stood firm when I hit the lowest of my life. I kept asking God the answer about my illness, all I can say I didn't realize the strength he has blessed me with. I can't thank him enough for what he gave me. All I can say is, “bring it on!”

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