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My First Love Didn't Give Me Magic And Now, I Might Never Find It

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This is the story of my first love. “First Love” - This phrase makes you imagine a wonderful world with just two people in it, you and your loved one. However, not every love story is meant to be a fairytale, so was the case with mine. In the first year of college, I fell for this tall and handsome classmate of mine. He was exactly the way I had dreamt my man to be.

When I first saw him, the only words I could utter from my mouth were "He's the one, my prince charming”.

In no time, we became close friends. We chatted for hours, had walked on our way home and shared the smallest details of our lives. However, I had decided not to reveal my feelings to him because I believe that feelings cannot be induced nor can love be forced. Seeing him happy made me happy, seeing him sad made me sad. Then came the day I was eagerly waiting for.

My prayers had been answered. He had realized that he had fallen for me.

While chatting, he proposed to me. In no time, I said yes. That was the happiest day of my life. I felt that I had got everything I could ask for. Our vacations had already begun so we could not meet frequently. The only mode of communication was social media. Maybe this was the reason that my fairytale love story suddenly turned into a bitter experience, one that I shall never be able to forget.

Not even a month had passed when I began to feel distant from him.

He would get irritated at the smallest things I used to talk about and always seemed to be in a hurry. He would leave conversations incomplete and threaten me to break up. When things became intolerable, I asked him what the problem was. And I wonder the same till date. I never got a satisfactory reason for our breakup. After numerous pleadings, all he said to me was that he didn't like my behaviour and had lost feelings for me.

He said that he knew I was deeply hurt and I could slap him to vent out my feelings of anger.

A small note for my first love, and now my ex: "I am extremely thankful to you for being so considerate. Had you come back to see if I slapped you, I would surely have done that. And as far as my behaviour is concerned, had you asked me to leave aside my behaviour, I would have changed myself for you. Thanks for giving me a lesson in love".

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