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My Ex Lover Did Everything To Break Me And This Is How He Paid For It

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Let's face it - we all have been in love one way or another. Yeah, it feels like you have the "one" who will stay with you till eternity. But, fate had other plans for me.

Yes, he was tall, fair, handsome, and a Haryanvi who was a Brahmin. He was everything a typical upper middle class educated girl could dream of. But there was something wrong in the relationship that lasted for 7 whole years. Being a daughter of an educated defence personnel, I was free to go anywhere I wanted to, provided I was honest. So, he took a rented accommodation near my house to make sure we "made out" as and when he felt like even if it meant I had to bunk my college to make sure he was satisfied.

About him? He was 10 years older than me. Educated, looked awesome in formal attire and was very very possessive. His possessiveness towards me escalated to such an extent that he used to beat me black and blue if I ever spoke with a vegetable hawker. After years and years and years of torture and misery, we gradually stopped talking.

As I finished by graduation and landed a job at a reputed organisation with "night shifts", we started talking again and the never ending circle was at its prime. We finally ended things. I couldn't let him treat me like this forever.

One day I called him to let him know that I was in a "new" relationship which could end up in a wedding under the stars. And that did happen. I married the love of my life only to hear from him again.

He told me he was getting married to a fair skinned, educated and homely girl who didn't work "night shifts". I burst into laughter and disconnected the call. He called after a few months and informed me that his life was in pieces as his wife didn't share anything with him as I used to.

I told him the price has been paid.

My husband never asks for my salary: his wife never even told him hers. My husband never stops me for night outs with my friends: his wife is hardly interested in his social life. My husband never asked for my passwords: his wife keeps all the secrets from him. My husband lets me go on solo trips to unknown places: he, on the other hand, never realised my worth. After a list of whats and what nots, I finally felt the burden coming down from my mind, to the face, to the neck, chest, stomach, thighs, legs and finally getting out of my toes.

"You made me do things that she is doing to you right now. I hope you now understand what I was going through after loving you with all my heart and soul. I still hope things get better for you soon."

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