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My Ex-Boyfriend Didn't Marry Me Because I Am A 32-Year-Old Independent Woman, He's Marrying Her

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*For representational purpose only.

"Aap koi sati savitri nahin hain" — these six words are not allowing me to rest in peace ever since I heard them. These words were said by my ex-boyfriend.

It basically meant, "I can have sex with you at regular intervals and only because you are not a virgin. However, if you ask for more than that, for instance marriage - sorry you are not allowed to."

The fact that I was older than him and his senior in office, earning more than him did not help either. It all started when my parents started looking for a suitable match for me. There was this guy I liked in my office. Through a common friend, I tried to broach the subject with him. He responded by asking for some time to talk to his family and let us know.

A few days later, he called me and requested to meet me. We started dating. We shared all sorts of things together – he was very interested in my past and I didn't mind it. That is when he got to know about my past relationships.

I know I made a mistake when I told him the truth. I should have lied, denied point blank. I should have said, "I had no one in my life." Being the bespectacled mousy geeky type – I could have easily pulled it off.  Yet I was honest because I wanted a relationship based on trust.

Slowly and eventually we were so thick with each other that we were chatting every waking hour and one fine day – it rained. We were drenched and alone. We went back home and we had the best sex of our lives. That opened the door of a clandestine relationship for us.

I did not understand it that time; now I do. It was just the sex for him and I foolishly thought I had made my place in his life. I was mistaken, which became evident when I got to know about his marriage plans. 

I confronted him and got this in return, “You are older than me and my family will never let me marry someone older than me. Also, you are not dependent on anyone so you can surely handle this. Please let me marry her.”

My competition is a 23-24 year old girl pursuing graduation, who has never been out of her family’s sight. Unlike me who is 32, a post graduate and working woman. Most importantly, I was in a relationship before and not to forget – had sex with him as well. Also I stay away from my family owing to my place of work. Not a good match for anyone I believe!

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