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My Dear Little Girl, Don't Ever Start Believing That This Dirty, Dusty, Dull Girl Is You

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*For representational purpose only.

My dear little girl,

Remember when you were a little baby? Every step you took filled daddy’s heart with pride. Your beautiful mom had sleepless nights for you and yet, her eyes welled up with tears of joy when you uttered your first word, ‘Mamma’. Remember how you’ve always been brought up as a little princess? Your mother’s heart wrenched when her delicate girl came back from school after getting a small scratch on her hand while playing around. Your father’s only desire was to fulfil all of your wishes.

L’il birdie, you’ve grown up really quick. The pampered and loved princess flew away from her nest to explore the world.

But when did you grow up so much? That you found someone to coddle you like mom and dad. That you fell in love. That you started protecting someone. That you started taking up pains to keep that stupid boy happy. That you started hiding your tears.

You cried yourself to sleep on zillions of dark nights. When did you grow up so much?

How many scars have you justified because you loved the person holding the knife? How many times have you endured abashment just because you wanted him in your life? How many days have you spent lying to yourself that it’ll be fine?

You know it won’t.

How many times have you let yourself believe his words after knowing it was an invitation to be caged? How many times have you let him hurt you simply because he was raged? How many times have you made yourself feel home trapped in a prison? How many times have you faked that it will go on for a long run?

How many times have you let go? How many times have you borne scars that you’re scared to show? How many times have you justified the haunting nights to be very few?

How many times have you chosen him over you? How many times?

My dear little girl,

The world you began to explore is full of dust, shedding its specks on you every once in a while. Few years down the lane, you start believing that this dirty, dusty, dull girl is you.

My dear little girl,

I am here to shed that dust off and remind you that you are a beautiful, flawless, untarnished girl and your shin still dwells within you. You have a shine so bright that it can startle the world. You are meant for bigger motives. You deserve more. You deserve better.

So shed that dust off, become a confident, little princess, put on your crown and hold your head high. Walk your way to dazzle the world. You are power. You are magic. You belong with someone who identifies and respects your glory.

My dear little girl,

Keep up your curiosity to find the paths left unexplored. Put on a smile that can conquer the world.

And remember to keep shedding the dust off every once in a while.

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