My Brother Hates Me And My Parents For All The Wrong Reasons

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 31 August, 2017

I am a student, pursuing my Masters in Sociology from a renowned University. I have majored in Educational Psychology during my graduation and also have a master's degree in the same, through correspondence.

My journey to this position wasn’t easy. I worked day and night to crack the entrance and now when I finally made it, I realized my brother disapproves of it.

Day and night, he just gulped down huge amounts of alcohol and quarreled with my parents for educating me more than him.

He was never into studies. So, after his 12th grade, he pursued some technical course and still remains employed whereas I chose to do general studies. My parents never showed any partiality between us but my brother never understood any of it. Eventually, he resorted to abusing my parents and me. He called my father motherf***, and called me and my mom wh****.

He has physically assaulted me many times and when my parents tried to make him understand, he threatened to commit suicide. Because of this, no one ever said anything to him. I have seen many sisters who were pampered by their brothers but all my brother gave me was tears. I never expected anything from him. But I cry because he is hurting my parents mentally.

I feel sorry for my parents who raised both of us as equals. And for my brother, who hated me for my qualification.

I guess I will have to live with this pain every day.