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My Boyfriend Is Still Trying To Convince His Family That I Am Not Too Ugly To Marry Him

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I am an independent woman working in a big MNC. I have a very good and supportive family. Everything is good in my life apart from my growing age. I am in my late twenties and the only problem is that I should get married before I cross thirty (basically that’s the taboo age, considered by our Indian society).

 I am an average looking girl who is in love with a tall handsome man.

He is way too good looking for me. We have been together for many years and he loves me too. We both want to spend our lives together but my looks and height are a big problem for his family to approve or accept me as their daughter-in-law. And also, I am a year older than him.

I never imagined that looks and height matter in love marriage.

He loves me the way I am but his family hates me for my physical appearance.

I have convinced my family and they agreed to our relationship. Every day they ask me when they can meet his parents and fix our roka. But I have hidden one truth from them that his parents do not agree with our relationship.

I fear so much to tell my parents the reason for my rejection. If I tell them, they will definitely don't want me to get married to such a family. At the same time, I do not want to lose my love.

We both are trying so hard to convince his family but for them, I am not good enough for their son.

For them, if their son gets married to an ugly woman (though I find myself beautiful), their status will get down and they will never be able to face their relatives in the whole lifetime.

Is physical appearance more important than inner beauty?

I may not be as beautiful outside but inside I know, I am a caring and nice person. My parents are very much worried about me. They are so supportive yet I cannot tell them the truth.

All they want is an assurance from my boyfriend side which I am unable to provide them.

I am so confused that I don’t know what I should do. I just don't want to leave him.

What if I am not able to change the mind of his parents? I wished that I was born with good looks so that my physical appearance would have never been a problem for me today.

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