My Boss Who's Older Than My Father Fell In Love With Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 16 August, 2017

Nobody ever believes that a man of my father’s age can do this.

Being an independent girl I always used to take care of myself. I'm a self-made girl with all the confidence one needs to survive in this big bad world. I had just switched jobs and was now at a new very reputed company. I had him as my boss. He was 64 when I joined and I was 28. He was even older than my own father. As I said earlier I am so passionate about my work that it runs in my veins and anybody can see it.

Being a Virgo and the beliefs I got from my family I'm a caring person by nature but I don’t know when my boss started misinterpreting my behavior for love. 

He started sending me 'good morning' and 'good night' messages, he started singing songs for me, he started giving gifts to me and moreover he started calling my parents his parents. He was married and had grandchildren.


I warned him many times that he was not on the right track but he called it 'eternal love' for me and was ready to even die for me. He started doing things that a boyfriend does.

He took care of me and my family even though I told him not to. He even tried to kiss me many times when I was in his cabin to discuss anything. I started feeling suffocated but I managed by not being around him.

One day I got the news that my name was on the list of the people who were travelling abroad for a company function. On one side I felt happy but on the other side, I felt scared of being with him for those 4 days.

And it happened, what I was thinking. The second day of our trip we went to a mall and got so much stuff that I bought another handbag to carry all of it and he offered to keep some of those things in his room because it was nearer to the lift. I also thought it was a good idea rather than taking all the stuff to my room. As soon as I reached his room he closed the door and hugged me from the backside.

I forced myself to turn around and pushed him away but he again dragged me closer to him this time. I slapped him and moved out of the room. And that was the day I finally decided to leave the job but again my ego didn't allow me to leave the job for it was his fault, not mine. I wanted to fight back.

Problem was this that he was so humble with everybody in office that if I would have told anybody anything, nobody would've believed me so I decided to keep mum. But gradually when he figured I was strong and would not respond to any of his behavior, he stopped teasing me.