Mother-In-Law: I Am Responsible For My Decisions, Not My Parents

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 28 June, 2017

Dear Mother-in-law,

Please stop putting pressure on me and telling me to change. I don't want to change and I'm happy in being myself. I'm not the kind of girl who believes in tradition and culture. I'm not even a God-fearing person, instead I love God. I believe in freedom and peace of mind. I'm also not a superstitious person and I believe in what I see. I don't like performing meaningless things. I know what is right and wrong and I do things that make me happy.

I believe, the more we think about people, the more complicated our life becomes. The person I love the most is in my life and all I do is I keep him happy and take our relationship in the right direction.

What matters to me the most is my husband and I believe that a thread, a ring, a bangle or any piece of accessory won't protect him but my love, care, and affection will.

Another thing I don’t like is when you complain to my parents about me. This is quite unfair. I'm a grown up and I can take my own decisions. My parents are in no way responsible and so talking to them won't help, but rather discuss the same with me.

Please don't blame them for my conduct. Don't question the way my mom brought me up. I am glad about my upbringing as I am confident enough to speak and reason things and not sacrifice my happiness to feed someone's ego.

I know my good and bad, so please consider taking my opinion rather than dominating me with dos and don'ts. I wonder if you really meant it when you promised my parents that you would treat me like your own daughter. I don't expect you to treat me like a daughter, but at least don't treat me like an asset.

My parents never dominated me. My opinions always mattered to them and this is why I feel proud of my parents and I am proud of my upbringing.

Every time I say that I miss my home or I want to go home, you correct me by saying, that's not my home anymore instead of the place where I presently live. I have no issues with your opinion but at least make me feel at home when I am with you. I feel so bad when I am treated like an outsider.

Please don't confuse me and make me question the place I belong. I don't expect you to treat me like a daughter but at least treat me like a human being.

Kindly be good to me, I too have emotions and I get hurt by your taunts and blames. Please try being a little nicer with me and I’ll be the best daughter-in-law to you.

With hopes of love and acceptance,

Your Daughter-in-law Xx 

Author's Note:

I recently got married and I have penned a few of my thoughts to share with everyone. I want to know your opinions as well.