Love Doesn't Make A Happy Girl Want To Die, Right?

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 15 November, 2017

We met in college. He was three years younger to me so I always thought of him as just a good friend.

Over the next 7-8 months, our friendship blossomed. We became really close and started spending a lot of time together. He was the perfect guy; polite, extremely caring, always spoke with respect, and never left me alone.

In that new college, he was my support system.

One day during our college fest, his friends brought us in the spotlight in front of the entire college. They asked him to propose to me! I was horrified as a lot of people were watching us.

I couldn't say yes to him as I’d never thought of him as more than a friend, nor could I say no as that would have shattered his image in front of so many people.

He was one of the popular guys in college. I told his friends that we shouldn’t do this and they agreed to say that it was just a prank. However, post that incident, he and even his friends started dropping a lot of hints that he was into me.

It was the last day of my second semester when he came to my hostel. He stood in the middle of the road and confessed his feelings to me. He said, "Abhi summer vacation shuru hone wala hai and I don’t think main aapke bina itne din reh paunga. "

I stood there and cried because I knew that if I said no, he’d be shattered.

He hugged me and I cried in his arms. I had to take a bus back home that night so I asked him to give me some time to think. Over the span of the two-month long vacation, we grew closer. We would speak every day or text each other. On one such call, he said, “I Love You”.

I froze. I couldn’t say a single word.

He got emotional and started telling me about his unhappy childhood, how his parents were separated and his mom was unwell. I felt very sorry for him. Finally one day I told him, “I love you too”.

And our relationship started. We returned to campus in the next semester.


Initially, it was awkward but then I got extremely comfortable with him. Within three days, we had our first kiss which led to other things in the coming months. We stayed together on the campus for 6 months after which I had to go to for a 6-month internship to Chennai.

Our long distance relationship started taking a toll on us. 8 months later, he landed his dream job and broke up with me.

He blocked me from everywhere and is now having the time of his life.

But true love doesn’t do that to you. Love doesn’t take a happy girl and transform her into a person who needs psychological counselling to prevent herself from taking her own life. Love doesn’t do that.

That guy knows everything that I’m going through but he doesn’t care.

He was the same guy who would tell me, “Tere bina nahi jee paaunga, tu hi toh ek purpose hai life mein.” 
Editor's Note:

Heartbreaks are always hard but it's even harder to see the person who couldn't live without you, move on without a care in the world. Such people weaken your belief in true love. Share this story because this girl and many others out there need the support to move on and find love again.