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Life Is Twice As Unfair For Me Just Because You Hate That I'm Fat

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Hello everyone. Today I’ll be sharing something that is important to me and doing so on this wonderful platform will make me feel lighter (pun not intended), too. So I turned 25 years old this year, and so far if I were to audit my life, I do not see any big achievements and proud moments.

Maybe I just have a negative perspective towards life, or maybe people around me force me to think that way.

I am an obese woman and being fat is something that tends to create problems in one’s life. Although people and my family are generally nice, at the end of the day, they taunt me. When you are fat, you tend to face the following things:

1. Not being able to find your size in most of the silhouettes and styles that you love.
2. Even though your appetite may be small, people will still judge you and assume that you eat like an elephant.
3. No matter how liberal they are, they will still judge you because of their size and consider fat as ugly or unappealing.
4. You will have a very hard time finding a man to love, or be in a relationship with because there are only a handful of single men out there who consider inner beauty over physical appearance.
5. You will not be in the pink of health, given your high fat percentage. You need to bear the weight (pun intended) of not just your fat, but also unwanted illnesses that you are more prone to.
6. Almost everywhere you go, whether you ask for it or not, you will be bombarded with free advice on life, weight, life with added weight, diets, fad diets, etc.

I already had self-esteem issues and after facing the above, it seems like all my confidence is drained. As of now, I am an engineer who couldn’t get a good job so I pursued MBA thinking that it would have a better outcome. I am still struggling to excel in my career even though I would love to, but I cannot because I do not know the right path and this weight pressure is adding more stress.

My weight and my fruitless career, are two of the most important problems in my life currently.

I am trying to be optimistic about it but I still can’t cope up. Being fat is not a disease and at the same time, no one is happy being fat, so I would request people that instead of taunting, support people and give them courage and hope. I have fallen in love many times, but never expressed it because I know that no one will consider me and my inner beauty, as they see nothing beyond my fat.

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