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Letting Him Go Was The Toughest Thing I Had To Do, But It Made Me Into Who I Am Today

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I was finally able to take the most important decision of my life.

The most difficult part of anybody’s life is to let go of the person we love the most. But truly speaking, it’s more painful to keep the person when they don’t want to be with you anymore. What should you do then?

There was always a constant battle in my mind which hardly let me sleep.

I was struggling between following my heart and listening to my mind. My heart always repeated one thing, “Try one more time. Perhaps, this time the love inside him will be revoked again.” And my mind had already noticed his changed behaviour towards me and had given gave me enough signals already.

But when in love, the heart always overpowers the brain and makes you do things which you shouldn’t be doing otherwise. 

Perhaps, that’s why they called it ‘Falling in love.’ This proverb wasn’t just metaphorical but had quite a literal meaning. I understood that to be in love, you have to ‘fall’ in love. Just to be with him, I did everything to make him happy. I would go to any extent without giving it a second thought.

I wouldn’t say that love is a bad thing to do; it is one of the most divine feelings on earth. But when love didn’t bring me happiness, respect, and time in return, I realized that it was an indication to decide what I really needed from life and relationship.

The quote "Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy” is the rule no.1 of living a life. I learnt that if a person doesn’t need you, you don’t need the person either. In my relationship, if I was the medicine for him, he was my disease. I was curing him and he was making me sick. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to move on. And so I let him go.

A relationship is like a glass; if we keep the broken pieces, it hurts us more.

I always believed that God had removed him from my life for a reason and I was stupid enough to have chased him. I used to think he loved me and only that mattered. But no, I was wrong. The most important thing was what he was trying to do for me, and clearly, it was nothing. Shouldn’t I be doing the same to him? I deserved a person who would go out of his way to make me feel obvious in his life.

So I chose to free myself from him. I set him free.

It wasn’t easy. It took me some time but eventually, I moved on. In fact, I would advise everyone who is in a position same as I was, to take this strong step. This would only make you a tougher person.

When I say this, I know the whole incident has redefined me and I have a completely different perspective towards life.

It is said that true love is the hardest to forget. But I chose to tear it off my skin, and grew a new one with a completely new identity and maybe hope, too. It was the most painful thing I did but it was also the best. The new pain was better than the pain of being alone even when I was in a relationship. There came a time when I felt that I have had enough. I had done everything that I could to save this relationship, but it needed to be a two-way thing. And even after trying so hard, there was no result. So I asked myself, “Do I deserve this pain?” My heart said no and I knew what I had to do then.

I am definitely a better person today with more strength, patience, and a whole new take on life.

I was lucky enough to have support from my friends and family who stood by my side. They patiently listened to my stupid breakup story a hundred times and didn’t even complain once. If it hadn’t been for my friends and family, I wouldn’t have been able to fight this alone.

I hope when you all read this, you too get some inspiration and learn to take a stand for yourself. I am sure something beautiful might be waiting for you in future. Make your life memorable!

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