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It’s Not Easy Being A Female Divorcee And Society Taught Her That The Hard Way

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We all believe in girl power and women empowerment thing.

But is it really working? For what I see is that society already has a particular mindset for women who are divorced, widowed, or unmarried.

Inspired by a true life story, I would like to share a story of a woman who is trying to face this self-centered society and few stupid fellows in her daily life.

We can never know if a person is right or wrong. It’s tough to analyse just looking at their faces what their thought process is and about their behaviours.

She got separated at the age of 24 and by God’s grace, she has complete support from her family. She went back to her family and she was also a mother of a one-year-old baby boy. She was aware of the thoughts of what society thinks of her, but she never gave up on her work.

She was of bubbly nature and she was constantly striving hard to live a happy life by forgetting her past. Despite facing all the challenges in life, she was focused towards her work and was being a perfect mom to her child.

But it’s not easy to survive in this world where society always pokes on your activities. They made sure to constantly remind her of her loneliness, and that she was divorced, they treated her differently.

The funniest of all was when they would show fake sympathy of how they wanted to help her, but when it came to marrying her, no one would extend their hand. Why? Clearly, she was divorced and had a kid.

My thought was, "Aree yaar toh kisne bola ki help karo, usne toh nahi maangi toh kyu humari society mei aise log hai jo har kisi ke hamdard bante firte hai.” This was really frustrating for me.

One day, her colleague from her office came to know that she got separated. I was kind of impressed by that fellow. He approached her and said, “Bahut galat kiya usney, par tum fikar mat karo, I like you and since you were married, mein tum kabhi bol nai paya.

She replied, “You’re married and still you like me.” And he said yes.

So she asked again, “Wil you marry me then?”

You would be surprised to hear his reply then. He said, “No, but I can fulfil your needs.”

The girls started laughing because somewhere she already knew this was coming and she can expect nothing more from the people. 

But I am curious what kind of needs he thought he could have helped her fulfil. Was it financially or socially? Of course, none! He was talking about the physical needs.

I feel bad for such people. They are of so meagre thoughts that they think every girl only have physical requirement once they get divorced.

She was hardcore. She replied, “Sir, it’ll be better if you fulfill the dreams of your wife. Otherwise, I’ll let her know that you’re very much free in the office to fulfill the needs of other women.”

She handled it calmly.

Why is it that we fail single parent by simply assuming about their physical needs? Shouldn’t we instead try to encourage them to achieve their goals and make them feel safe in our society? They deserve a second chance too.

I know a lot of women face the same situation every single day of her life, and we all choose to stay silent about it. Because speaking about it is a taboo, right?

Personally, I really appreciate those women who are still fighting against some of the foolish people of our society.

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