It May Seem Reckless To Be With Such A Guy But I Promised To Stand By Him

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I was in class 12 when I met him for the first time. We met at a common friend’s house. He was quiet and shy.

His calm demeanor impressed me.

Our friend introduced us but we didn't talk to each other. Later, I forgot about him.


After I completed my 12th, I joined one of the colleges in my area. He also joined the same college. We were in the same class and I knew one of his friends who tried reminding him that we had met at our friend’s house.

He was too shy to acknowledge my presence, as he'd never spoken to any girl.

Almost 3 months went by and he didn’t speak to me nor did I. Then one day, he saw me entering the class and recollected that we had met earlier. He sent me a friend request on a social networking site and we started chatting occasionally.

It was soon time for our first internal exam. He came from a science background and was having trouble in coping with BBM. He asked for my help and I agreed to help him. Gradually, we became good friends. Our chats became frequent and moved from general topics to our personal life.


We would talk about our families, our problems and everything that was going on in our lives. Gradually, I developed feelings for him and so did he. On October 13, 2015, we confessed our feelings to each other.

We had a fairy tale relationship where I felt like a princess with the most charming boyfriend.

All the girls in my college were jealous of us. They called us the romantic and filmy couple. We became close both mentally and physically. I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He made me feel on top of the world and gave me the most memorable moments of my life.

He became the center of my world, so much so that I forgot my friends and spent all my time with him.

However, I had hidden our relationship from my parents. I was my dad’s princess and had never lied to him. I started feeling guilty about my behaviour because my dad trusted me blindly. I thought of telling him the truth but I couldn’t gather the courage.


I had to go to Bangalore to write my CMAT exam and asked my dad to accompany me. I decided that it would be a good time to tell him everything. But I got scared and changed the plan at the last minute. I went with my boyfriend and we spent 3 days together.

I knew that I was cheating my parents. And I did not want to do that.

Once I returned home, I started going into depression because I had hidden the truth from my parents. I started getting in seizures in my sleep. My mom and dad were terribly tensed about my health.

I was in the emergency ward of the hospital when I told my dad about my boyfriend. I wanted to be their loyal daughter than become a cheater for life. My dad is one of the best people in the world and he patiently heard me out. He didn’t get angry or yell at me.

Instead, he tried to make me understand that we shouldn't trust people blindly because the real world is not good.

A few days later, my condition became stable but the doctors advised me to continue treatment for the next 3 years. My boyfriend was aware of my situation and he seemed worried about me.


Around that time, my dad tried telling me that he was not the right guy for me but I was not willing to listen to him. I was deeply in love. So my dad came up with an offer.

He asked me to complete my studies and get a job and if I were still in a relationship with the same guy, he would consider our future together.

I returned to college after almost a month. My boyfriend was so happy to see me that he started weeping. I told him everything that had happened and how we had work towards getting my dad’s approval. Instead of being happy, he started shouting at me. I couldn’t understand the reason and assumed that he was stressed about the situation.

As days passed by, he became a different person. He stopped caring about me.

He wanted to have a physical relationship even though he knew that my health didn’t permit it.

His wants became more important than my well-being. I was unable to tolerate his behaviour. It was very shocking for me, as I’d always seen him as a caring and loving guy. He did many other things that hurt me but I remained quiet. 


Then he played some game with his friend where he shared all our intimate details with him. I was astonished! I’d not expected this from him. After all, he was my love and my life.

I was heartbroken yet I hoped that things would get better.

Unfortunately, he kept getting worse. He started hurting me physically and mentally for selfish reasons. I was extremely disturbed by his behaviour. Ultimately, I decided to confront him. When I did, he gave lame excuses and made fall promises to gain my trust.

A few days later, he went back to his old ways. I couldn’t take it anymore and decided that I did not want to continue our relationship.

I didn’t want to kill my self-respect because of him.

I had gone against my parents and even left my friends for him. But he was exploiting me. When I told him that I wanted to break up, he refused to leave me. Once again, he promised me that he would change.

I don't know if he will change yet I am with him.

You may think that I am crazy. But I had promised him at the very beginning that I’d always stand by him and keep him happy till my last breath. And I am going to keep my promise unlike him.

He was my first love and he will be my last. He loves me a lot but his demands are ruining our relationship.

Though he has hurt me a lot, I am with him because somewhere, I believe that he will change and become the same guy I fell in love with.

Currently, we're in the final year of graduation and next year, we will be going to different colleges for our further education. But I’ll wait for my old love to come back.

I still want to spend the rest of my life with him.
Editor's Note:

It's difficult to let go of someone you love even when the person is hurting you. You suffer, you try, and you hope that things change for the better. Share this story if you agree that hope and love can change people.