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I'm Getting Harassed By The Guy Who Calls Me His Sister And I Don't Know How To Get Rid Of Him

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I have an active professional life and I meet new people daily. I met this guy at one of my office events. As the days passed we were in touch frequently over the phone and became frank with each other. I shared my background with him. I told him about my husband, my family, my future plans and he offered to help me out in achieving my career goal as he said he had very good contacts. He started calling me daily obviously for business related matters and we had some fun talking as well.

One day he told me about a girl he was interested in but couldn't express his feelings towards her. I encouraged him to go and tell her what he felt for her. However, I had a feeling that the girl was me and I seriously started doubting his intentions.

The next time he mentioned that girl, I clearly told him that the girl better not be me. He confessed that he had feelings for me and I explained to him that I was only talking to him as a friend and that I was already married.

I shared everything with my husband and he suggested I stay away from him and I started doing exactly that. That’s when the harassment started. I started getting a lot of calls from him daily; he would say it’s for work related things but most of it was irrelevant banter. When I did not pick up his calls, he used to call me continuously and I had to pick up his calls against my will.

I would abuse him over the phone and he started threatening me. If I spoke nicely, he did as well and if I did not, he would threaten to kill my family. One day I stopped picking up his calls and at night around 10 pm he called my dad and asked for my husband’s number pretending to be his friend. I still don’t know how he got my dad’s number. I was so scared that I started crying in front of my husband.

The following day, we went to the police station and lodged an FIR against him, and after spending the whole day at the police station we got the confirmation letter from him stating that he would not make a single call to me. We did not register any case against him as we thought that he understood his mistake and we didn’t wanted to spoil his career.

After a week, he called me from a local PCO and requested to solve the issue. He wanted to meet my husband and my brother so he could apologize for his mistakes. I told my family this and they agreed to meet him. We all met him and he apologized.

Once again his calls became a regular affair as a ‘brother’. I did not tell my family about this because they were clear that they'd take strict actions against him if he didn’t stop calling me. On the other hand, he is very clear that he won’t stop calling because I am like a sister to him.

He calls me thrice daily and if I avoid his calls, he calls me non stop, he comes to my office. If I don’t respond, he starts blackmailing me emotionally. He calls my mom and explains that he is my brother. 

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