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I'm A Bride-To-Be And Here's The Real Reason Behind The Glow On My Face

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*For representational purpose only.

Us girls have 100 million things to worry about when it comes to getting married. Whether it is deciding on when you are ready for it, or what you are looking for. You are finding it in yourself to open up to the right guy till you can find that guy. From convincing yourself that he is the one for you, to convincing your family for him and, then often enough, re-convincing yourself that he's the right guy. Deciding the dates, the theme, the guest list, the wedding venue, or the food menu, and learning the art to manage the whims and fancies of not one but two families now. You juggle between how to be a wife (which you have no experience of) and an ideal daughter-in-law while you re-assure your other family that you still are the ever-doting daughter. Then in the little time you can find, you try to pamper yourself.

I never frankly knew if I could make any of the above things go without a glitch.

With all the mayhem that engulfs you starting day one to the end of time, you must ensure that you are worth all the tension and the attention. You must look fresh as a daisy at all times, be relaxed like stress has never touched you in life. Pretend as if all of it is a cakewalk with a cherry on top. Glow like a bulb and burn like a candle. Blush like a beet and be the shy coy bride-to-be.

I had to make sure that at least this was in my control. So, I did my research on the Internet, took suggestions from girls whom I idolized as 'picture perfect', word of mouth recommendations, even tried some of my remedies. From Face packs, to serum, to night cream. From drinking warm water to taking cold night showers. From gym to Zumba to yoga. From detox drinks to fat loss food. The list goes on and on and on.

After an endless cycle of trying all the possible remedies available under the sky, I am not sure which one worked. The glow on my face is due to the "Bride only Face Masque," or maybe it is the illumination of happiness that I feel from inside. The red of my face is of a fancy cheek blush, or maybe it's the mention of his name around me. My flushed cheeks are a result of iron-rich food or the anticipation of being close to him again. The pink of my lips is a byproduct of a $100 cosmetic or is it a reminder of the evening that I spent with him. The twinkle in my eyes is a reflection of expensive jewelry, or it's the sight of him walking down the parking lot closer and closer. At this point, I don't even care if I meet the standards of how a bride-to-be should look like.

I am already glowing inside out. And there is just one remedy that worked wonders for me, HIM. I got my bridal glow by finding the right groom for myself!

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