I Would Cry And Beg Him To Stop While He Kept Harassing Me Sexually But He Didn't Listen

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 29 April, 2018

I was a bubbly college girl. I was loved and pampered in the family and was brilliant at studies. Everything was smooth and perfect.

One fine day, I got to know that one of my schoolmates was deeply in love with me.

I was so scared knowing all this. The whole school knew about it except me. He proposed to me and I said no. He tried to commit suicide. I was so much scared. I never gathered the courage to complain to my parents. They could have taken me out of the situation and protected me from falling for that guy if I had informed them.

He tried for 3 years continuously and I finally said yes.

Everything looked so perfect again. But slowly, he turned bad. He tried to use me sexually. I used to cry, beg, everything but my words fell on deaf ears. He used to abuse me. He made me believe that I was an ugly fat girl who was good for nothing. I tried to maintain distance from him thereafter.

I wanted to run away from him, but it was getting difficult to avoid him.

Every time he managed to find my contact number. By God's grace, I was able to preserve my chastity. One day, I directly threatened him to commit suicide if he didn't leave me. But he said he would leave me the day when one of us would get married.


This thing continued and I passed four years like this. Thereafter, I got engaged and asked him to leave me. Initially, he agreed but he continued to torture me mentally.

I switched off my phones, deactivated my social media accounts yet he used to threaten me via emails.

He said things like he would kill my family, insult my relatives, and reveal everything to my husband. Somehow I gathered courage and just messaged him to do whatever he wanted. After that, I never replied to him.

Though I used to read all those emails and got scared too, still I never replied again.

Days passed by and he stopped messaging me. I am happy with my husband and family now.

To all girls reading this I want to say that such coward rascals are just threatening you and they can’t do anything. If someone is approaching you, do tell your parents. They will protect you. I wasted my golden college days and courtship period in threat and tension of this useless bastard.

Do not do this to yourself!
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