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I Wonder If You Really Meant It Every Time You Told Her ‘I Love You’

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To that guy,

You might call her a curse now and want to get rid of her but once upon a time, she was all that mattered to you.

Well, I’ll tell you her part of the story today. And this only applies for those who had the courage to genuinely love.

With every moment shared and the love you exchanged, her heart got filled with joy. You might have thought she didn’t value it all. Well, she did and all those little things meant the world to her.

It was you who couldn’t find the joy in that togetherness.

With every small fight you had, there used to be a late night session of her thinking about it again and again, and somehow, she always ended up blaming herself. And even when you lied or hid things from her, she always came back the next morning with the same love.

When she got mad at you for not giving her enough time, you took it the wrong way.

The only reason why she did that was she loved talking to you and wanted the relationship to strengthen. But of course, you thought she was just being demanding and getting too possessive.

When you promised her that you would love her and stay with her forever, and don’t forget, everyone promises it, did she make a mistake by actually believing in you? And even when a part of her knew she might regret it, she expected a lot from you. Maybe that’s where she went wrong.

You sweetly talked her into a relationship when you were pursuing her.

But after you got together, what did you do? When she became your girl, she let go of the control of taking care of herself. That was your job. Her only concern was to earn your faith as she cared for your emotions. She always wanted to be the best for you.

When she was with you, she shared every bit of her thoughts but you started going around looking for better girls. You thought she would find someone else as she had a lot of options and many people were behind her but you forgot, she chose you in her life over everyone and everything else.

At 2 am, when you were sleeping peacefully, she was crying her eyes out for something that was hurting her. Hands pressed against her mouth, toes clutched, eyes red and shut tightly to control the tears, she was a mess. But still, she woke up the next day and continued. But you could not appreciate that girl who loved you like anything. It was no more matter of your interest.

Finally, it happened. You ended up with breaking her heart.

I’ll tell you her condition after that. You both had broken up or fought many times before, but always patched up again. For you, this time it was permanent. But she didn’t know that. She waited. A week passed, then two and finally, she realized it.

She broke down after that. She was not even able to put up a smile to hide her pain. Everyone believed that she had an obsession problem. No one understood that her heart got hurt badly. She dreamt of a guy and wanted to spend her whole life with him.

And you, you never tried to contact her once by yourself. Not to patch up but just to ask her how she was. Despite knowing how empty she would feel after this breakup.

How could you be so heartless that you didn’t even feel her sadness?

She was the one who made you understand what love is. To the same person, you said that you love another girl. She had the courage to handle a real relationship with you.

You broke a heart. You broke a promise. You broke the trust of someone. You broke a person. I wonder sometimes if you really loved her.

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