I Wish I Don’t Get The Same Parents In My Next Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 27 September, 2017

I am 27 years old and I am living a life that I want to end but I am too afraid nobody will notice even that I am gone.

For someone who sees my life, they’ll think I have it all. Amazing parents, decent amount of money, a nice house to live in, what else does one need?

The thing nobody knows about is that, my parents fight all the time. Some nights they would forget to feed me because they were arguing.


My mom was ashamed of my dark skin. I would get yelled at for that. My life became hell as soon as I turned 13. One of my relatives ran away and had a love marriage. My father started feeling I’ll do the same

If someone called me on my landline number, he would yell at me. I just hated coming home because both my parents were always unhappy with me. My younger brother was their favorite. He would get a computer for his birthday while I would consider myself lucky if they even wished me.

Then began my college life. I did not have good marks but still joined a great college because of money and influence. Pathetic idea.

I literally had two dresses to wear. My parents wouldn’t get me more clothes and I felt really embarrassed wearing the same clothes to college everyday.


By this time I had started believing in a prince charming. The guy I dated physically abused me. It took me 2 and a half years to break up with him. I was lonely and shattered and when I fell for someone again, my father found out.

Till date he checks my phone and threatens me. When I get marriage proposals, I am scared because I keep thinking what if this guy also beats me up like my father and ex boyfriend. I have lost all hopes.

In really wish I don’t get the same parents in my next life.