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I Went To 8 Gynaecologists But In The End, None Of Them Really Cared To Treat Me Properly

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I want to share my story about combating my disease. This all began when I was in 10th STD. I would get unbearable pain during periods and twice I was hospitalised due to severe back pain. I had to get painkiller injections.

I went to the gynecologist and two other doctors; they all dismissed it saying that it was normal.

In the coming years, the pain subsided. In the second year of my graduation, I was diagnosed with kidney stones. I had laparoscopic surgery to remove those, twice. This had affected my studies in that year; however, I managed to clear all subjects and excelled in the next two years.

Even at that time, I visited my gynaecologist regularly who kept telling me that it was all in my head and that nothing was wrong with me. My pain was normal during periods. Although my pain level had decreased, I still had some pain.

Then I finished my graduation, got a job and moved to Pune.

My period pain was gone by then, and my months were pain-free. But I develop several other things, gastric pain before or during periods, severe bloating and nausea. Again, I went to a gynaecologist with no result.

I moved to homoeopathy, I kept taking medicines but I was not sure whether it was helping or not. Then I moved to the US for further studies. Here at the end of my first year, during my May monthly periods, I developed severe stomachache and heavy vomiting nausea. My stomach was bloated like I was nine months pregnant.

I went to a doctor and he said that he would put me on BCP, but I decided not to take them.

This incident repeated five times during the course of two years and I had two emergency room visits, urgent care, and five doctors. No one could tell me what was wrong with me.

Then my marriage got fixed, and I had told my fiancé about all my medical history. He probed me to go to another gynaecologist that he had found. We went there and after an ultrasound, they found a hemorrhagic cyst about 3 cm on right ovary. They said they would monitor it for a month and then decide if it needs to be operated or not.

I have always been active since my childhood, played games, exercised, and did running. My fiancé made me change my diet along with the fitness regime. Then we went to India and got married.

We went to three gynecologists and two homeopathic doctors in India.

All the gynaecologists wanted to do surgery and remove my cyst as soon as possible and told me that I won’t get pregnant until this was removed.

At that time my cyst became 5 cm in size. We decided to get the surgery done in the US if needed and meanwhile, decided to take homoeopathy to subside the pain. These homoeopathy doctors told me that my cyst would go away with their medicine, but it didn’t.

We came back to the US. And since then, my periods had been horrible.

After my periods, my back and ovary pain would multiply each month. I was on constant painkillers. I left my job as I was not able to function physically.

We went to eight gynaecologists here in the US. All of them kept saying the same things that I would need a hysterectomy or will have to remove my ovary. One of them suggested removing both the ovaries. And 5 of them wanted me to put on Lupron which is a horrible drug.

This all was happening over the course of two months and my cyst grew to 10 cm in size. I could literally feel it if I rubbed my hands over my stomach.

My husband did a little more research and suspected that I had endometriosis and my cyst was an endometrioma.

He found an endometriosis excision specialist. There are only around 120-130 excision specialists in the whole world. We consulted two of them and decided to go with the one who covered my insurance, for out of insurance I had to pay $40000.

They told me that they would keep my ovaries, and just remove the endo tissue and cyst. I was so relieved.

I waited six more months to get a surgery date and it was successful. Also, now I have a year old healthy boy and I’m also working. Most of the doctors I visited had no clue about the disease, and other who knew wouldn’t know how to get rid of it.

There are currently 1 out of 10 women in the world affected by endometriosis. Ladies, period pain is not normal. And losing your vital organs is also not healthy. Please find an excision specialist and get the surgery done if you have endometriosis. This will hugely impact your life in a positive way.

P.S.: During surgery, the doctor found that my right ovary was damaged 30% due to visible cyst of 11cms, and my left ovary was damaged 75% due to multiple 2-3cms cysts. But they saved my ovaries and now I don’t have any pain at all during my periods. Hope my story helps someone to find the solution to their problem.

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