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I Was Told “He Is A Man, He Can Do Whatever He Wants”

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I am a dreamer and since childhood my ideas and thoughts have been victimized. When I was a child my cousins and friends used to bully me and nobody would take me seriously. I got many love proposals but was never interested in them because I wanted to concentrate on my education. After completing my college there was this urge in me to prove myself and so I got myself enrolled in interior designing course. People started recognizing me and I also bagged an award. The twist came when I got a job.

I joined office and in order to keep myself occupied post works hours, I enrolled myself in a dance class as well. However, it became really stressful; I was doing well for myself but needed someone to lean on. To share the stress with. To share life with. So, I became really close to this guy in my dance class. We became best of friends but he had different intentions.

One day he invited me to watch a movie with him in a theater, I had no idea what he had in mind. In that dark room he suddenly unbuttoned me and sucked my boobs. I was shocked and came running out of the theater. He was angry and said that he loved me and can’t live without me. I cried and cried for hours but ultimately believed him.

One day, he called me to meet him and just bit my lips. I was so scared but he convinced me that he loved me. I felt so dirty.

However, I got married to another guy of my choice. He was a womanizer and used to beat me up every alternate day. He had relations with many other girls and if I questioned him, his mother would tell me “he is a guy, he can do anything he wants.”

He used to abuse me and treat me like a slave. I was not allowed to speak, not even with my parents. For three years I tolerated these things and then I left him.

After 3 years I am single again; giving meaning to my life. I don’t regret my past because I am what I am because of that only. I am a strong women today, honest to myself and the people around me.

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