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I Was Mad To Waste My Time On A Guy Who Simply Assumed I Was Characterless

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*For representational purpose only.

It all began 7 months ago when I came back to Delhi after completing my Masters. I decided to pursue animation here.

I met him in my animation class. Initially, I didn't notice him much. After a few days, I started interacting with my classmates and that’s when I spoke to him. We would chat for hours.

Soon I realized that I was developing feelings for him and told him about it. That was the beginning of our relationship.

Though I was 3 years older than him, everything between us was going smoothly.

One day, he asked me to speak to his best friend who was more than a brother to him. I started talking to his best friend and we became really good friends.

His best friend confessed that he was physically attracted to me. However, I didn't react to him nor did I share it with my boyfriend.

After a few months, I noticed that my boyfriend was losing interest in me. We hardly spoke in the class, as he was busy with his other friends. Even our chats on WhatsApp had reduced.

His best friend and I would talk all the time and it felt that I was dating him.

In January this year, my boyfriend told me that his family had problems with our relationship. We decided to break up and just remain friends.

But his attitude towards me changed and I was completely broken. His best friend gave me moral support and slowly, I got attracted to him.

It was a purely physical attraction, not love.

We often indulged in dirty conversations. Suddenly, he said that he couldn’t talk to me anymore, as my ex-boyfriend didn’t want us to talk to each other. The reason being that he had ready our dirty chats and assumed that I had cheated on him.

He went to the extent of asking me, “Kitno se karogi?” He questioned my character!

I was shattered by his accusation because I was still in love with him. However, I realized that I was wasting my time on a person who had questioned my character even though we had nothing to do with each other.

I’ve learned that one should never give such importance to any guy that he can question your character.

It’s better to keep your feelings to yourself rather than overthink something that can set you back in life.

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