Mother Daughter Fair and lovely dark skinned bullying complexion

I Was Dark Skinned And Bullied But It Only Made Me Stronger Because Of My Mother

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My mother is fair, nah! She is milky white, rare to imagine for any racist in our country. Like any mother - daughter relation, we both had grievances against each other. Luckily with time, my maturity and her trust we have managed to heal our relation.

When I was younger and entering into my teens with visible hormonal changes and internal emotional turmoil, constant racist attack was making me feel like a burden on this planet. For many in North think all South Indians are Madrasi, dark skinned and have a weird heavily south Indian accent whether we speak English or Hindi.

Well as per their standard, yes, I was dark, not Madrasi but Malayali and spoke both languages without a south Indian accent. Surrounded by many idiots who ever ready shoot racist remarks like, “Oh ! Kitni kali hai.” “Kon shadi karega?” “Kitni gandi dikti hai?

List was long but I don’t remember all of it. But I was very happy because my fair aka milky white mother never bothered me about my looks or color. All those days my mother’s biggest problems were - I was lazy to do household chores, my studies and what kind of people I was getting along.

I thank god for giving me a sensible mother who wanted me to become independent by studying hard and taking up a good job. We were four in our family - father, mother, brother and me. She was the odd one in the group, the fairer she was, the darker we three were.

If she would have been like those insane women for whom beauty is only fairness of skin, she would have made her as well as our lives hell. But she has never done that, that’s why I say “my mother is fair and lovely”, fair qualities and a lovely human.

This never made me feel inferior but still traces of that complex were there but they vanished as the days passed. My first day of training, I realized it’s one's talent which makes one grow in life. In case people got promoted by favoritism, it was temporary success. Any relations formed because of looks didn’t last long.

I am loved by my students and friends and they find me beautiful. The first time I received a compliment, I stood in front of the same mirror which had witnessed my pain and sorrow.

I realized what my mother meant all these days “color me kuch nahi rakha”. I love my mother’s confidence, she knew under this dark skin there are many talents which will give me a respectful life. Now my color doesn’t bother me.

Your talent, intelligence, behavior, skills, way you present yourself is what matters. Be happy, be fair in your deeds and life will take you places.

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