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I Was Brave Enough To Trust Again, Only To Get Betrayed Beyond Imagination

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I am a simple Mumbaikar, now with trust issues. I was working in an MNC, where I met this guy 2 years back. He was a manager- arrogant and unmarried. When I met him, I was already in a relationship where I was cheated on as that guy was married.

My horrible ex-boyfriend was also in another relationship and I was the third one. It took me a lot of courage and strength to break up with him when I saw him making out with another girl in our office parking lot. After that breakup, I kept a distance from all guys. I was not in the mood for any kind of relationship.

Then I was approached by this manager. It started with normal chats on messenger and then one thing led to another and he confessed that he fell in love with me the moment he saw me. I was shocked as he is 12 years elder to me. I did not accept it and told him about my past and said that I was hesitant about relationships.

He said he wanted to marry me and that he sees future with me. After a month, I thought let's give this relationship a try. I had made it clear that I don't have feelings for him, and it might take time to develop. We went on casual dates and I felt that the person is genuine.

I slowly started developing feelings for him. We hadn't told anyone about this because of our age difference and difference in our job grade but a few close friends and family knew about us. I met his sister, besties, and everyone thought we are an ideal match.

I quit my job from the MNC and took up a normal job near his house so that we could plan our future. We were in a happy space, and I gave my everything to this relationship.

I was there for him emotionally, physically, and financially. We decided to marry this December and our families were also involved.

Last month, for a few days, he suddenly asked for space and wanted to rethink the decision of getting married. He blocked me on Facebook, WhatsApp, calls, and messages for two weeks. I thought he genuinely was planning something.

Two weeks ago, his friend called to inform me that it had all ended. I was shocked. I tried calling him, but I was blocked. So was my entire family.

Then, I borrowed a friend's phone and called him up. That's when he said that we had to end this relationship, and asked me NOT TO DISTURB HIM.

Reality hit me like a sack of bricks In a month, my entire life had taken a U-turn. I cried and cried. All my savings was in his account, I had no friends because he hated if I socialized with anyone, and I had lost everything by trusting him blindly.There was no way I could get my money back, I was emotionally weak and shattered. I quit my MNC job just to be closer to him, and it was useless for my career.

I don't regret trusting someone blindly. I just regret trusting the wrong person. The worst part is, he didn't have the guts to say it to my face and give me closure.

Perhaps that is how cowards behave.

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