I Walked Out Of My Marriage After 14 Years For My Child: I'll Never Regret My Decision

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 5 June, 2017

Ours was a love marriage. Even though we belonged to the same religion, society and status, our parents were not agreeing to our marriage but we decided to go ahead with it anyway because we were totally in love with each other. What made me take such a big step? 

We had dated for two and a half years and I was intelligent enough (that's what I thought about myself) to know that he respected me, adored me and was supportive of all the decisions I took and so, I decided to spend my whole life with him. I had been in relationships before but I thought he was different from everybody else. 

It all changed as soon as we got married. I agreed to live with his family and adjusted to every little thing but still got no respect from the family members.

All I got from them was abuse and taunts; about my health, looks, personality. They had issues with everything I did and said. I tolerated this for really long because I was worried about my kid's future. Not anymore though.

I realize now that it was always about him and never about us. Everything good that happens is because of him and everything ugly is because of me. He has made me fully dependent upon him. I don’t have any passion or hobbies that I follow, but I can eat or wear what I want.

It was okay till this was only about me but now, he has started imposing his will on my child too. He is depriving him of every little happiness that a child deserves. How should I remain quiet now? Should I not say a word because the society won’t accept a single woman? My kid's future is at stake.

So, I decided to walk out of the marriage. After being married for 14 years, I decided to walk away. No back up options and nothing to lean on but I still left him. The society did call me names but I fought. I am still fighting against all odds. I don’t think I can trust anyone again.
Editor's Note:

The decision to walk away from a relationship which has nothing to nice offer you is always the right decision. Share this story if you agree.