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I Tried To Be 'The Man' But In The End, Only My Sensuality Helped Me Succeed

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Every soul that you meet somewhere in the journey of your life is a reflection of your manifestations. With some, we connect instantly and set out to sail to an unknown island. We often label them as our soul mates, most of them being lovers, close friends or family members. But what about your love for self?

Love is liberating and free. Love knows not of sympathy but believes in oneness of the souls.

As a young girl, I was unaware of my feminine power and believed that if I start thinking and behaving like a man, I’ll be more independent and powerful. Little did I know that both the masculine and the feminine energies reside within me and striking the right balance between the two is to experience divinity. As a lady, I would often try to hide my femininity simply because the society would tell us, “Stop behaving like a girl and be your own man.” Well, I tried being my own man and what I realized was that I need to feel more like a woman.

Don’t get me wrong, I love myself and embrace every strength and flaw of mine with dignity. I am self-dependent, focused on my growth and nurture every part of me with love and care, but not being in touch with my own feminine energy kept me at bay with my true self.

The love for self should keep on elevating and the most effective way to indulge in oneself is to experience Eros, which according to biblical reference is the intimacy and communion between lovers. The beauty of it lies in accepting, surrendering and trusting your partner to meet you on this journey of oneness. And in this journey, a woman if not yet, will soon start embracing her sensuality. She would want to be loved in a way where she starts undressing the excessive masculine energies and shares her femininity with her lover.

She needs to be caressed, touched tenderly, moved with the rhythm of nature and her soul needs to play an unheard melody, as sweet as the drops of the nectar. Such a love will awaken the fierce Goddess in her and nothing can be more empowering. She will give all her love willingly and would want to receive the same in return.

This is how you strike the right balance and flourish as individuals. Sometimes a partner will understand your needs, sometimes they won’t. Let me tell you one thing, you deserve to be loved in the most beautiful way and if a partner cannot love you like that, then start loving yourself more to get in touch with your femininity. Witness your senses open up and embrace your desires.

A woman who feels herself completely and embraces her sensuality is the most fierce and liberated individual on this planet. A woman who awakens her divinity is empowered in all the spheres of her life, including both personal and professional fronts.

She will never sabotage her own needs for the sake of others. She is intensely compassionate and passionate about her life. She is free in her wilderness and alive in her spirit. She is nature in herself, who awakens to the desires of her sensuality and unleashes her inner Goddess. Explore and find yourself.

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