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I Still Love Him But I Had To Break Up To Keep Him Away From My Miserable Life 

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He was the love of my life. We met in college when we were pursuing our MBA. It wasn't love at first sight but we were good friends.

His unconditional support during a difficult period of my life made me realize his feelings for me.

My roommate turned out to be a b****h who would torture me every now and then. She would purposely occupy the bathroom when I was running late for my class. She'd often scream at me and call me names for no reason.

Living with her was a total nightmare. Feeling helpless, I finally called my mom and wept bitterly.

Instead of supporting me, my mom accused me of being too sensitive.

She blamed me for picking up fights with my roommate. When I was sad and lonely, he came to my rescue. I still remember the day when my roommate locked me out of the room. I was forced to stand in the heavy rains.

He came rushing with an umbrella and stayed with me till I mustered the courage to face my roommate and enter my room.

That day I decided that I had to change my room. I requested the college authorities but they too refused to help me. According to them, I was at fault because I couldn’t adjust.

Throughout all this, he trusted me and stood by my side. Soon, I shifted to another room where I had a lovely roommate.

This disturbing phase brought us closer and we started dating.

He was the world's best boyfriend. He always encouraged me to study well and I landed a good job in a reputed company. He also got placed in his dream company.

After completing college, we got engaged. We planned to get married soon. But destiny had other plans for me. I never got a joining date from my company.

He started working while I was forced to sit at home waiting for my offer letter.

Whenever I contacted the HR, they gave me false hope. However, after waiting patiently for almost 8 months, I realized that I was not going to get the job.

All this while, he kept encouraging me but my frustration was taking a toll on him.

He was unable to concentrate on his new job. He could not sleep properly at night because he would waste all his time in calming me.

Once again, my parents started blaming me for sitting idle at home. One day, my mom scolded me and I took out my frustration on him. That day, I realized that staying with me would only hinder his success. I loved him dearly and I still love him a lot but I had to make a tough choice.

I broke up with him because I wanted him to focus on his work and not waste his time on a loser like me.

He tried calling me for months but I never answered his calls. A few days back, I discovered that he has been awarded a promotion at work. I am happy to see him growing.

I miss him deeply and cry every day but deep inside, I’m glad that he is away from my miserable life.

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