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I Stayed With My Husband Through His Worst Times, But Now He Won't Let Me Leave

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I met him on a matrimonial site and within two months, we were engaged. Then we had six months of chatting and talking on the phone. I was in India and he was in Dubai. Life was perfect. He was loving, understanding and everything a girl would dream of. I finished my studies and got a job at an MNC but didn’t join because he wanted me to shift to Dubai after our marriage.

I thought of continuing my career in Dubai, seemed like a good plan.

Our marriage was a slice of heaven. I was still in India and he left for Dubai after a month of the wedding. I used to keep asking him when he was going to send tickets for me and he kept pushing those dates.

On the 14thof February, it was our first Valentine’s Day and I was eagerly waiting for his call. He called and told me that he had lost his job. He said it was over; everything was over and with nothing else to say, he hung up. I cried the whole night. I couldn’t understand what had happened.

A few days later, I found out that he had a lot of credit cards, with outstanding payments on all of them, he was in a mess and he had actually lied to me about being successful. I had no idea about my future. There were a lot of lies that had held up our marriage and I realized that I couldn’t trust him anymore.

First, it was the debt and on some days, the debt kept increasing and all these loans kept piling up. I was fed up and told me that I wanted a divorce.

He told me that we would talk about this when he came back to India. I knew that this wasn’t going to happen any time soon. He kept telling me that he would handle things, but I don’t know what or how he was handling it. Days went by and it took me a while to realize that he had used most of my gold to clear his loans.

A year went by and I told him that I would come to Dubai, at my own expense. I paid for everything and when I went there, I started helping him with the payback. I got a job and started giving him money, but I also kept a track of the amount of money I gave him. So that once we were done paying up his debt, he could start paying me back.

In all of this, he began lying to me again and because of his carelessness, he would end up spending a lot of money.

It’s been seven years now and we have a two-year-old boy and we’re in Dubai. We bought a second home in India and even though we are still together I haven’t forgotten the past and I know that I can’t trust him with money.

Most of the time we fight about the past, but I love him a lot, especially our child and I don’t want to think about a life without him. I’m writing here because I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life anymore and I just don’t know how to be happy.

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