I Only Walked Out Of My Marriage When He Hit Me Black And Blue

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 19 September, 2017

Life really changes as you grow up. There was a day, we badly wanted to grow up and go out and find jobs, just like our elder cousins. Today, I wonder why I grew up at all.

I am a girl who is 24 and has a pathetic life already, married at the age of 22 with the guy of my choice. I was lucky enough to have parents who respected my choice but wasn't lucky enough in choosing a guy properly. I had to undergo verbal and physical torture frequently and all he wanted was my body. If I denied sex he used to question whether I had an affair. He wasn't working and though I was brought up in a good family, I started to work to support him and look after my needs because I didn't want my husband to feel insecure about his financial condition.

I used to tolerate his physical torture thinking that he is frustrated and he will become normal. Trust me, any woman who is undergoing such things and giving a chance to the person thinking that they would change is a mere waste of your time and energy. Such people aren't in normal conditions because a man who tortures a woman is a psycho. He will never change.

I left him when he hit me black and blue yet another time. I came to my parents’ place. My patience level dropped down after the continuous torture. My parents later got to know about him. It was decided that I would get out of this relationship.

Meanwhile, I found a man who was respecting me and loving me in every true sense. Neah! I am not guilty about it. I didn’t cheat on my husband while I was with him. I developed strong feelings for the other man, only after stepping out of my relationship with my then husband. I haven’t got divorced yet but I am hundred percent sure that I am not going back to the wife-beater ever again! I deserve to live with a person who respects me. We had a physical relationship too and I feel happy that I have finally found the right guy whom I can trust.

I can already sense a few eyebrows raising at my confessions. Loving is not a crime and I repeat, I am not guilty about it. I am true to myself and even my ex-husband. I have never cheated on him. But it is time to move on. I have tried to save our marriage but I have finally given up.
Author's Note:

I am madly in love with this guy and wish to spend the rest of my life with him. I'm not guilty.