I Never Asked For His Love And Then He Left Me With Nothing Except Blame

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 11 July, 2018

My story began a year ago when I received a friend request on Facebook from a guy who was unknown to me. I am a 25-year-old girl who belongs to Patna and this guy whom I got a friend request also belongs to my hometown. At that time I was living in Mumbai to pursue my higher education. So, one fine day, I got a friend request from this man. As usual, I went through his profile and found out that one of his mutual friends is my classmate. Accidentally, I accepted the request. Next day, I got a message from him. Initially, I didn't reply to him. But after some time, I also started texting him and soon we became friends. After some time, we fell for each other. After proposing to each other, we started chatting on Whatsapp, voice and video calls, just like a normal long distance couple does.

As I stayed in Mumbai, I decided to come back to my hometown because of him. I also got a job here and he was pursuing law.

We met and spent quality time with each other. Everything was going well. When we fought for the first time, he called me a C*****a and blocked me from WhatsApp and his contacts. This was the first time, so it was shocking to me. I started feeling guilty and felt that it was all my fault so I started pleasing him. For me, in a relationship, ego is not bigger than love. So I sent sorry messages and after 3-4 days (depending on his mood), he unblocked me and started talking normally. Now, this had become his habit, kuch bhi ho, he would start blaming me. According to him, I am an immature, dumb, narrow-minded person but actually, the reality was just the opposite. Everything was going fine then one fine day, I found myself blocked from WhatsApp and from Facebook also. I actually could not understand what happened to this guy. As I knew he went out with his dad for a business meeting, I had an instruction from him to not call or message him as he would be back in town after 3-4 days. I didn't know what to do, because I couldn't call him or send a message to him.

So I waited for 72 hours. Three days later, I texted him but he didn't reply.

I waited 2 days then called him up, he said that he scored low in law so don't want to talk. And one fine day, I sent him a message saying that he should meet or call me. Then, he replied and said "just stay away from me. I wanna end this." As usual, he put the blame of scoring low on me and broke off our relationship.

I can't stop wondering where I had gone wrong.

How was this my fault? I only wanted to meet him once to know and understand his situation, but he was not ready at all. So I didn't force him. I handled myself after my breakup. Now I only want to thank him for all the moments we shared and I thank god for saving my future. If he is reading this story, I want to say to him, at least you should talk to me once and explain to me what was my fault.

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