I Met My Lover After 10 Years And She Changed My Life In That One, Small Meeting

Live For Love & Laugh Live For Love & Laugh in Single Women Bad Women on 19 July, 2017

My office is in Cyber city, Gurgaon. We often go to CyberHub during lunch breaks or after work hours. It was another routine day at work for me. I had come down for my evening tea-break at Chai Point with my friends. We were all waiting for tea when I met her. It changed everything in my life.

"Don’t tell me you are following me, Mr. Arora!" That's what she said when she tapped on my shoulder. For a moment, I froze and couldn’t believe my eyes. She was standing in front of me with the same beautiful smile and sparkling eyes that took my heart away, ten years ago. My heart skipped a beat - I felt like a kid gazing at the stars in the sky. I was lost in her eyes and her smile, until she said, "Hey, are you okay?""Uhm, yeah, I’m fine!"

"How are you doing? What a pleasant surprise. It's so amazing that we met each other, like this. How’s everyone at home?", she asked.


"Everyone's fine. Listen, Let's sit for coffee?", I blurted out without thinking about anything. But as usual, she refused saying that she was getting late for work, and would come with me next time for sure. 

"I know there won’t be a next time, since I don’t have your number any longer." I replied. She smirked and said that she had a meeting lined up.

"Ah! Your work always comes in between but you know how persistent I can be." I said and grabbed her hand. I didn't know where I got the courage from, but I kept holding on to her. "Please!", I requested her.

She nodded her head and agreed. We sat down at Starbucks and honestly, I was quite clueless about what was happening and what I was doing there, with her. I just went with the flow, I guess. Now when I think back, I feel that time and destiny were the director of our unplanned meeting and we were just playing our respective roles. The moment, though, was beyond my imagination.

I can't describe how I felt when I met her - the love of of my life, the only one I had ever loved and still do.  It was like time itself had stopped and God had fulfilled all my wishes. Like I had found the lost treasure of my life. There is an old saying that you don’t need words to express your love - your eyes, heart and soul understand each other without saying anything. 

We were both avoiding each others' gaze, trying not to fall in the trap, once again. Maybe that's what happens when you meet the person you love after ten years.

We couldn’t say much to each other since we had nothing left in common between us. But that short, unplanned meeting helped me realize something very important - that I wasn't in love with her, anymore.

The girl I used to love was cute, innocent, caring, understanding and down to earth but the one I met that day had a lot of attitude. I don’t know whether time changes or people change with the time. But, she wasn't the same anymore.

For the first time that day, I realized how losing someone you once loved, feels like.


I left the coffee shop with these parting words, "I lost you long back when you decided not to hold me back, but today you lost the one who loved you more than anyone in his life." 

I believe the universe wanted me to move on. It didn't want me to keep loving the person who had no heart anymore. I promised never to look back at her, that day. Even though I know I will probably not be able to stop myself from loving her for the rest of my life. I know she’ll come back to me, one day. Probably the day she’ll lose everything in her life to the fake pride and senseless ego which didn’t let her recognize true love.

Some stories are meant to be left incomplete. They're meant to be lived for the rest of your life.