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I Met A Woman Who Thinks Giving Birth To A Girl Child Is A Disgrace: People Like Her Still Exist

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It was just 10 in the morning when I witnessed something so thrilling yet exciting for the very first time in my life.

My sister-in-law gave birth to a new life, a cute little baby boy.

Obviously, there is nothing unusual that I am writing here and I know what I felt today must have already been a part of many lives. A fresh morning which brought happiness to my bhabhi who wanted a girl though is blessed with the boy. Well, gender is not the matter here, what I experienced in that labour ward today have made me speechless.

One after the other, the women due for delivery kept coming with a blend of emotions on their face.

Some went inside with tears while a few others were crying with deep pain. But one element that I found in common was their confidence, elation and passion. To my wonder, all the females were blessed with a baby boy and I felt happy that I could witness their jubilation. I knew no one from them except my sister-in-law, yet considered myself a part of everyone’s contentment.

Unlike others, even I rejoiced with the news that after 3 hours and a half long labour, my bhabhi was also blessed with a boy. And it was then when I saw an old lady jumping with the joy who learnt the birth of his grandson.

Her happiness was incomparable to notice but she added it with her expressions that seemed so old-line. Flooded with immense joy she spoke to a fellow attendant, “Bhagwaan ne laj rakh li jo choro diyo, pehle hi mahare to chori hae. Je ab bhi chori ho jati to garbar ho jati.” It went on.

After I heard her, I was dumbstruck that even today when girls do not fall behind in anything, she bore such thoughts in her mind. And with that, I truly felt that before girls could fall prey outside homes, they are made vulnerable in the thoughts and very minds of individuals.

I can understand her peace of mind with a new life, her grandson.

But her statement irked me that till today, gender makes so much of a difference that people think it can bring them shame in society. Just a puny incident that is not uncommon but is one that can shake mentality of a few who want to step out of these orthodox thoughts.

It was simply a birth of a child but the rebirth of a female for sure.


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