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I Married The Man I Love And Brought This Hell Of A Life On Myself

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Mine was a love marriage, yes it sounds like a dream come true. I married a Muslim guy in 2010 when I was 20 years old. It was a court marriage. I came to Delhi after marriage and my family wasn’t happy with our alliance. I was completely in love with him. After marriage, I faced a lot of problems because ours was a Hindu-Muslim match and these were petty issues and I learnt to live with them. It never occurred to me that because of these things, I should leave him.

A year later, things changed to the point that I now hate him. I curse the day that he came into my life out of nowhere and ruined everything, my career, my family relationships, my happiness and peace of mind.

All I asked him to for me was be fun-loving and romantic, and instead, he turned into a monster. In my marriage life, there is not a trace of happiness. He just wants sex and money from me, nothing else. I have tried to commit suicide many times but trust me, it is not easy. It is very difficult to kill yourself. It’s not that I give up because I don’t want to live. It’s just that I have seen everything in life and there is nothing left for me to see or live for, anymore.

If a woman can abort a baby from her womb four times, then what else does she have to go through? If I have sacrificed at this level then you can understand how deeply in love I was.

Yes but I realized that he is not a genuine person. He is double-faced. I have penned a few lines that he tells me in Hindi:

1. Tu dard jhelne ke layak hain

2. Sunn tu nahi chahti hai ki main apne parivaar se mil lu

3. Tere jaisi khatam ladki maine kabhi nahi dekhi

4. Nikal yahaan se, iss ghar main mat reh

5. Kiske sath soke aa rahi hai?

There are so many sentences which I won’t even be able to write here. I don’t know why I am still staying with him. He doesn’t want to divorce me. What he wants is that main ghut ghut ke mar jaau yahin par so that nobody can blame him. Yeah, this is the fact. I am suffering from migraine, thyroid and other health issues but he never took me to the doctor for check-up. Never! I buy painkillers for myself whenever I am suffering from migraine.

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