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I Married Him Secretly And Now All He Does Is Insult Me And My Family

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It all started two and a half years back. I met this guy (let’s call him X) via a social networking site. We instantly clicked and decided to meet. I ended up falling in love with him and started planning my future with him.

One fine day I decided to visit an astrologer and he told me that X was fickle minded, and he changes his decisions within minutes.

I got upset for the fact that he might change his decision of being with me, someday. I confronted him, and he gave me the idea of court marriage. I was happy with the decision; my happiness knew no bounds.

After six months of being together, we secretly got married legally. Although, his parents came to know later and they didn’t create an issue about it.

He is a doctor and he has some duty protocols, so we did not chat for hours as he would keep busy. He was busy with his work and I would stay busy with my college and studies. Everything was going fine until one day I noticed a strange change in his behaviour, he started insulting me in public for the clothes I wear, even though I generally wear jeans and tops. He got involved in proving to me that I am a dumb head when I could not answer his weird questions, that too in public.

I am a Civil engineer by profession, but he even looks down upon my profession and insults me publicly for that.

There's not a single day that goes by when he does not insult me or my family. He calls me names without any reason. To him, my mother is a whore just because she is associated with a cultural club in my locality. I am tired of his endless abuses, he even hit me in front of my roommate one day, he insults me in front of his friends and my friends too. I protest but the very next moment I get back to him because I love him with all my heart.

Yesterday he blackmailed me by saying that he would commit female feticide if I conceive a girl. In fact, he also shamelessly admitted that he checks out girls wearing short dresses, but he won’t ever let me wear a one piece or sleeveless dress. My life has become miserable. According to him, a girl should always keep her voice low, her mouth shut, and she should never protest regarding anything.

I have seriously started hating him now, I don’t know what to do, I am clueless. He must dictate each and everything in my life. I cry every day. I can’t bear this pain anymore. Lastly, I want to say that all these kind of men possessing such cheap mentalities are just like pests of the society defaming the whole clan of males.

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