I Loved Him Blindly And I Obeyed His Orders Until The Day He Said These Words To Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 8 June, 2017

This all started when I was in the second year of my engineering college. My father passed away during my first year. And so my uncle took the responsibility of the education of me and my brother.

I met a guy in my college, he happened to be from other religion. And I don’t know when but I fell for him. He somehow took care of me and supported me every time.

It didn’t take me more than a few months to realize that I was madly in love with him. And then this happened.

The moment he got to know that I can do anything for him, he started taking me for granted. He started behaving with me differently. He was not the same person he was before.

He started arguing with me at every little thing. I wasn’t allowed to talk to boys, and not even some girls. I was ordered to come off all social media platforms and delete all my handles. The only thing that I was allowed to wear was chudi and shawl. And the worst part was that unlike other girls of my age, I wasn’t allowed to go for a haircut or even to apply makeup. And I, who was blindly in love with him, followed all his instructions like a good girlfriend. Life became no less than hell.

I soon began to realize that I was being used for money and sex. He didn’t love me the way I did. On our trips that we used to take together, he’d force me for sex and if I refused he would dig out all things and would find any stupid reason just to fight with me. At last he’d end up abusing me both verbally and physically.

On professional front, I was doing quite well. I was the topper of my department and managed to get placed in some of the good multi-national companies. And then my college life ended but my relationship didn’t. I couldn’t end it, because I was such a coward to leave him and to live my life with respect.

I was emotionally attached to him and thought that I couldn’t afford to lose him.

I had three free months before I had to join my job. One day I went out with my friends, of course, only after I was permitted to go (by him). As soon as I returned home, he called me and started the ‘as usual fights’ with me. I got so frustrated that I finally asked him if he was using me for money and sex in the name of love.

Probably this hit his ego and he got very offended and annoyed. He got so angry that he ended up calling me a “s***” and my mother a “wh***”.

I disconnected the call, sent him a final goodbye message and blocked him from everywhere I could. I finally ran away from that cruel, harsh relationship with whatever little self-respect that was left within me. It’s been three years since that bad phase of my life ended. I am at a much happier place in my life now.

I am in a happy relationship with my childhood best friend. He has really taught me what true love is like. I have a good job which pays me well. And guess what, I am marrying him in a few months.

Editor's Note:

Do not change yourself just because you’re with somebody, and there is no point of keeping your self-respect at stake. Share this story to motivate and strengthen all those women who are suffering like this in their relationships.