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I Left My Clinical Practice For Him And He Left Me For His Family

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Life had always been a fairy tale for me until I met him, and he made me realize that in today’s time, money is the only thing people look for and not a person with an innocent soul. For me, getting into a relationship meant that, love was the only thing you want in your life. I have never given priority to things like status and money, although I've always been ambitious in my career. Well, I'm a well-qualified doctor, and things were smooth until I met him. Then I spoiled everything.

I fell for him so badly that I made him my priority and when he asked me to change my field, I did it happily without a thought. I felt that my destiny will take a good shape, but who knew then what destiny had already decided.

Maybe he knew beforehand that his parents would never agree to our relationship. So, I was so madly and deeply in love with him that I didn't even realize what I was doing to my clinical practice. I just abruptly stopped my clinical practice one fine day, and everyone was shocked by my behaviour. I was not reachable to anyone and joined the corporate world. I thought maybe now that I've changed job, he will marry me. Now I had an upgraded profile according to him, and his family so maybe now they'll accept me.

But no, they didn’t want this, they were more interested in money because they just wanted to recover the amount they had spent on their son’s studies.

That was a shitty thing which I came to know, my mind and heart were going in different directions, but I couldn’t understand how wrong my behaviour was, at that point. It was a really depressing stage from which I was going through. Those who would try to advise me and speak against him, I would stop talking to them.

The very moment I would ask him to talk to his family, he would say that he would do it soon. Then he would forget about it.

Whenever he would discuss his financial problems with me, I would tell him that I don't want anything from him except love. I would assure him that we both will take things in a positive direction. Everyone and everything during my days then would seem pathetic because I was consumed by his thoughts and how I could get him to consider our marriage. Then one day, out of the blue, he called to inform me that his family was calling him urgently and he must go to them. I had no idea what was wrong.

That evening, I received a message on my WhatsApp: ‘My parents have fixed my marriage, I'm sorry I couldn't make it work between us.’ I was shattered on that day and I was not able to react.

It took me a moment to understand what had happened to me. It was all over, and I couldn't make out what to do with my life now, as it was finished. It took me two years to get over him. But I still can't forget him, and I still get flashbacks. I left that place because everything reminds me of him, which I don't want. Now he is a happily married person and I'm still alone.

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