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I Just Want You To Know That I'm Not Your Standby Girlfriend

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I was in 11th standard when I first met him. His gentle smile and those sparkling eyes, he was everyone's favourite. But I used to hate him, because, our sir used to be very possessive about him and always used to flaunt about how smart and studious he was!

I was jealous of him. Until one day, this jealousy turned into something more beautiful... into something called love?

When we were in 12th grade, I had this crazy dream about him, which, I guess must’ve made me fall in love with him. He had a girlfriend that time. So I used to be jealous all the time. But this jealousy passed with time. That particular academic year was important for us, so all of us were studying hard, until one day, when he messaged me and everything changed.

He asked me how I was doing, out of nowhere. Though we never really used to talk a lot, we chatted for a long time that day. The highlight of this chat was when I told him that I would have enrolled in the same college as that of him, but didn't because it wasn’t close to my house.

That moment, what astonished me was his unexpected reply. He asked me, “Why didn't you? At least, we would have been together!"

I didn't mind his reply at that moment. But those words of his actually had made me fall for him. As time passed, our exams approached. A day before our JEE exam, he texted me. We had a random conversation that day, but all the things from the past came into my mind. And then, I slowly realized that I was falling for him.

After a month or so, I confronted him about the same.

“I have feelings for you,” I said. But his reply wasn't the one I had expected. He said that he was already in a relationship with someone. I was so hurt that I didn't even eat or sleep well. I was shattered.

Eventually, I started to move on. But deep inside, I still had feelings for him.

I was almost over him until one day, after all our exams, he messaged me asking if I would like to catch up. I asked him who else was coming to which he replied, “Just us!” I wondered what he really wanted to talk to me in private but chose to meet him anyway.

We talked about everything when we finally met each other. We talked about our lives, our interests and so much more. He asked me if I still had feelings for him.  First I hesitated, but then I said that I still had some feelings for him.

Then he told me that he was trying to figure things out between us as he may have begun to have feelings for me. And that’s why he wanted to figure this out until we figured things out.

I was so confused about this revelation of his but also happy that he wanted to spend some time with me. But what I didn’t know was that it would never last. It was just a time pass for him.

When we were hanging out with each other, his girlfriend had actually gone to the US for a trip. And the moment she returned, he stopped answering my calls and responding to my texts.

One day, he texted me that we should meet and discuss us. When I met him at a café that day, he told me that he was girlfriend and he never really was into me. I was so shocked that I couldn't even breath for a while.

He played with my feelings for more than a week, pretended that he liked me and just left me because his girlfriend was back in the country.

I felt helpless. I never knew falling for someone could affect your life so much. I felt abandoned and left out. But my friends supported me through all this.

Eventually, I got over him. Also, I found out that the girl whom he was dating before had also been hurt because of him.

Recently, he texted me that he missed me and wanted to meet me again. But I was no longer the person whom I was before. I wasn't the deer who fell into the lion’s trap anymore.

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